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December 03, 2012

Why Mondays are Sacred

Monday is considered as the favorite day for Lord Shiva . It is said that Monday 'Mon=Mind ' ,'Varam' =day'  is ruled by  Moon which is said to govern the minds of human. The literal meaning is that one who can turn his mind for positive /higher attitudes is considered to be the most intelligent and can attain  the energy which is positive in Cosmos .
 In Puranas it is said that one who fasts on Monday and breaks the fast  after seeing a Star/Moon will
attain the full grace of Lord Shiva ,Monday fasting also helps oneself to gain control over ones mind so Lord Shiva with a moon beam on his head signifies that He controls the movements of the moon, and hence our Minds and thoughts 

There are various stories associated with the Monday fasts, each of which show  the way fasting on Mondays are rewarded. Stories
1) Game of dice played by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati,
2)The story of a Merchant's son being re-born and
3) A story of  poor Brahmin's  to gain  wealth. 

In other words, it can be concluded , the Monday fasts are  aimed at begetting some gain or comfort

The rituals on Mondays  involve worshiping the Lord Shiva with  white flowers as white is considered to be His favorite color , abhishekam with  milk and offering   Bilva  leaves .Some devotees even cook offerings in white color to offer as Prasadam after the fast. Partial or total fast are observed,on this day. The stories  related to Karthika  Somavaram Vratham  are  read  aloud by the person observing the Monday fast.  Devotees  Chant Panchakshari  of  Lord  to invoke his blessings.

In particular, the Monday fasts coinciding with new moon or No Moon days, and during the holy month  are considered the most auspicious. 
While the simple Monday fasts can be followed any Monday,

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