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Hi ,
Welcome to our domain and we are pleased with your grace presence .Thanks for visiting our site .
' Woman' ,is a small word may be size of a bit , but in reality (crazy) a micro chip which can hold a lot more data than it's size .......
Home making or managing is not meant for just cooking , rather it ends up with loads of laundry, piles of bills to be paid, financial management , budget planning, home decoration , friends , health care , personal care , kids and many more ........,
We personally think homemaking is, a very crucial position ,which requires multi tasking skills , which a 'Woman ' surprisingly crowns it just like a piece of cake .

Mrs. Homemaker is an idea budded from a casual conversation between two friends ( Ishwarya & Sirisha ) on one lazy afternoon.  . Luckily we ended up with mutual interests, which scored a lot  for this blog .  The idea of starting this blog is to share and learn about home making . 
From girls who believed once  home making was nothing when compared what we do  in our jobs , we flipped ourselves where we enjoy cooking new recipes , traditional recipes running in cultures and families ,sharing ideas ,managing and maintaining a 'House ' , which seemed to be more challenging than a career .  

We believe in:

" Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and you will pursue them one day."

We personally thank our Google+ followers, Face book, Pinterest , Twitter Friends and our viewers who encouraged us till now. Make sure to follow us .

Please post your suggestions and comments so that together, we can make it better.

Note: We make sure that no post is copy paste. Some articles are adapted from magazines and other sources.
 If you have any concerns on the copyrights of any content, please let us know and we will edit it accordingly.


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