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January 06, 2016

Bread Kothu / Kothu Bread

Preparing Time : 10 Minutes
Cooking Time : 15 Minutes
Cuisine : South Indian (Kerala )

Kothu parata is one of a kind which is  juicy , in which parata is cut into into small pieces and cooked along with a combination of veggies and ground spices which pops out into a delicious meal . It's a staple kind of parata in which  malabar parata is used in the prep  . I have first tasted while we are on a vacation in kerala , and the taste is really unique to the roots of Kerala cuisine which combines some exotic spices with Coconut .
Making a malabar parata takes a lot more time , so , I wanted it to be replaced by something which can have almost similar texture  but easily available. Hence I  replaced the parata with lightly  toasted bread . This replacement gave a unique flavor and texture to the dish which made it more delectable . You can even replace the prarata to chapathi or roti which has almost the same texture of parata but more healthy and gluten free.
Toasting of the bread really helps the bread to be not soggy when added to the gravy or spice mixture , as normal bread kind of soaks in all the moisture . You can play with the veggies according to your taste preference and availability . Using bread gives a crunchy texture with more fibre and  your kids will  start to love to eat veggies .

November 25, 2015

DIY Doilies Wall Art

Doilies  are ornamental mats typically made with paper or fabric .When I bought  doilies for a potluck ,some of them are  unused  , so, I thought of making  DIY art with them which is unique and simple .
This is a simple and very attractive art or wall decor that can be prepared with in an hour  . The colors can be contrasting or just plain which can be suited to your home decor . You can even go with abstract patterns if desired .I chose pink and white to resemble the colors of spring you can go with your own colors  representing different seasons or themes or occasions .

All you need are::
  1. A large card board or canvas 
  2. Doilies 
  3. Acrylic Paints (of your choice)
  4. Glue
  •   Imagine a pattern , I over lapped doilies  , to give a continuation feeling , you can go with other  patterns  too.
  • Paint  the doilies according to your color choice and then glue them to a canvas or card board .
TADA !!!! your DIY doily art which is unique and simple that suits with your decor is ready in minutes which is cost effective

November 24, 2015

Mexican Fried Rice

Preparing Time : 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
Cuisine : Mexican 

Flavored with all the Mexican cuisine must haves , this rice is an easy , spicy and yummy utilization of left over rice and a nice dish for lunch boxes too . This is an inspired recipe when I have seen boxes  of mexican rice with black beans filled many aisles of supermarkets , which is both unhealthy and is  loaded with tons of MSG's , so, I thought of re creating that recipe with simple and exotic ingredients at home and made my victory dance with this bold and tangy rice . 
Any dish when spiced up and cooked with   veggies esp onions , cilantro and lime juice   the taste is multiplied , with all the robust flavors they combinedly offer .  You can play with the ingredients like replace the beans with meats.
Serve with sour cream topped with onions for maximum taste , & I am sure people will surely ask for more & more  .

October 05, 2015

Pudina/Mint Fried Rice

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Cuisine : South Indian (Fusion )

This is a  smart utilization of left over rice or fresh rice and a simple recipe for lunch boxes with refreshing flavor of mint . Mint or Pudina has a very refreshing flavor which is so unique making it a main ingredient in Dum Biryani , when I have  a bunch of  mint  left in my refrigerator for a long time it made me rethink the option of making the biryani which is painfully very time taking (although tastes amazing ) ,so I opted for a fried rice instead.
The real challenge is to prep for the ingredients  as they  should not be  strong competitors to mint but should enhance it's taste  , hence eliminated traditional ginger garlic & onions.
The key in making the dish lies in the selection of ingredients and the sequence in which they are added, so, I  selected some ingredients which can alone stand up to the taste by not sinking into the strong aroma of mint but add their uniqueness to the dish .Cooking a delicious dish does not end with taste it should provide a  good amount  of carbs , proteins and vitamins  after consuming, try to infuse some protein and green veggies into your plate , as esp rice is full of carbs which may fill the tummy but not the energy .
Infusing some vibrant greens like green peas or lima beans or spinach along with the mint really pops out the color along with taste and you will be happy as your kids enjoy their protein & vitamins  (as for fried rice we need not cook the veggies completely they provide more vibrant color and vitamins /protein ) more in their plate with taste .

August 17, 2015

Green Onions / Spring Onions Stew

Preparing Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

Cuisine : South Indian

Stew which complements perfectly well with Idli, dosa or rice alike with a strong tint of green onions taste . Making this stew is very easy and it can replace sambar especially on a busy day .
Spring onions have a distinctive  flavor , when added along with onions it enhances the taste with  a tint of sweetness  . We generally use this green strands as a  garnish or   especially in  fried rice  but making this as a main ingredient is a real game changer .
My mother used to make this stew in my childhood , which I tried and kind of achieved the taste almost .
I have added few veggies for an extra texture as with onions alone gives  the stew more thin consistency . You can make this stew from thin consistency to thick depending upon to which you want to complement along .

August 06, 2015

Ravva / Broken Rice Pulihora

Preparing Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time : 15 Minutes

Cuisine : South Indian (Andhra)

Broken rice or Ravva pulihora is a quick recipe which is very similar to normal pulihora but the cooking time is much less .This recipe even uses less oil when compared to rice pulihora . You can get the broken rice or rice ravva in some stores , if not,  you can prepare it at home very easily .
As I promised more pulihora recipes in my old posts here is one which is authentic and tasty  addition to your exotic  recipes . This can be taken as a breakfast or dinner or brunch too .
Stay tuned for more authentic recipes of Pulihora/ puliogare  in my next posts .

July 31, 2015

Tomato Onion Soup

Preparing Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time : 20 Minutes
Cuisine: Indian ( Inspired and Fusion )
Tomato soup with the addition of buttery , caramelized onions  and spicy red chilies gives this soup a distinct fragrance and flavor .
Soup is a starter that brims up your tummy , & aids in healthy digestion with  apt intake of meal . I have never gone out of league to prepare something more unique and exotic at the same time , until one day I have watched a show in which French Onion soup is  aired , which has a unique taste and preparation . Almost in all soups veggies are added directly to broth or stew but for french onions soup is rather different as Onions are caramelized , so , I kind of incorporated that simple technique into this  tangy and spicy soup which is full of flavor and texture .
Unlike other soups which take a lot more time to get flavor and texture this simple soup is easy and gets rich texture due to the addition of onions .
Serve this to your guests before supper and bag all the acclaim.

July 23, 2015

Andhra Style Spicy & Savory Uttapam (Pan cake Made with Idli Batter )

Preparing Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time : 10 Minutes

Cuisine : South Indian (Andhra)

Utappam is a savory  and crispy pancake or crepe made with idli batter, & everyone  craves one . You can add tomatoes or grated coconut or grated beets or corn or cheese or paneer as per taste . The simpleness in the preparation with the  ingredients which are available  in your kitchen all the time makes this dish more easy .This can be served with chutney or sambaar or simply with curd .
The texture of the utappam varies from soggy to crispy , depending upon the batter consistency , I prefer a crispy one with a perfect and even browning . If you like your utappam to have a crispy browned top just add some water to the idli batter to get a little  thin consistency of typical idli batter  . This goes well as a brunch or as  breakfast or  as dinner . Simply spread , toss,  cook  and enjoy :)