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June 18, 2015

Moong Dal Dates Ladoo (Without sugar)

Preparing Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking or Frying Time: 8 to 10 minutes

Cuisine : Indian (dessert) 

A perfect sweet for diabetic patients , for sweet lovers and even to diet conscious people.
(Moong Dal ) Yellow split Pea gives a very balancing taste with rich aroma to any food . So, why not use it in a sweet ??? This thought really pushed me to make really simple and healthy sweet .
I have used no sugar or sugar substitute for sweetness, so, this sweet treat is not a pack of fat and calories instead it's rich in protein , carbohydrates and dietary fiber .
Can you imagine a sweet without ghee or clarified butter ???? for me it's impossible but after tasting this easy treat I think it's possible .
This ladoo is an easy go as a perfect snack because it is rich in protein & satisfies hunger which stops craving.


Moong dal 1/2 cup
Dates   6 to 8
Sweet Raisins  10 to 12 
Honey 1 table spoon
Tuti fruti 1 table spoon
Dry coconut flakes 2 table spoons
Poppy Seeds 1 table spoon
Wall Nut powder 2 table spoons
Boiled Milk (Cool)  2 table spoons


Step 1: Dry roast the dal in a skillet until they turn into light brown color , usually when it is done it gives out nice aroma 

Step 2: Take out the seeds in dates, chop roughly and blend  dates and   raisins into a smooth paste .

Step 3: Dry roast poppy seeds . Now take another blending jar and blend moong dal into a smooth flour , without any residues 

Step 4: Take a bowl and add the moong dal powder, poppy seeds, dates  & raisins paste , dry coconut flakes, tuti fruti, wall nut powder , honey and mix completely . Finally add milk and mix well.

Step 5: Now make round sized ladoos of your desired size.

Step 6: You can store these ladoos  for a week  at room temperature .

Chef's Notes:

  • You can add dates, raisins according to your taste  and sweetness 
  • Use boiled and cooled or lukewarm milk for giving the sweet good shelf life 
  • You can add almonds powder as well for extra taste .
  • Moong dal fries quickly , if you fry for any extra minute you may burn the dal which  gives a burnt taste .
  • Make a smooth powder of moong dal for best taste .


  1. Ladoos with a natural sweetness from the dates ans raisins. I love the idea!!

    1. Thanks Kanak Kagjer , glad you loved the recipe

  2. Interesting and yummy have made it healthy too. Loved it

    1. Thank you kushi , thanks for your sweet words