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February 12, 2014

Apple Dry Fruits Cake

Cake is all time  favorite for children and even to us  , and making one is very easy ......
This yummy, moist and spongy cake is even healthy as  I have used Dates and Apple  for sweetness (almost of course some sugar for extra sweetness)   with low calories and  will even becomes a favorite for you after tasting .

Ingredients :

Apple 1 large 
Dates  12 number
All purpose Flour 250 gms
Olive Oil  / Butter 80 gms 
Sugar 100 gms
Red cherries some
Green Cherries some
Tuti fruiti 2 - 3 table spoons
Raisins  1 table spoon
Cashews 1  Table spoon crushed 
Walnuts 1 Table Spoon
Eggs 2 large or 3 medium sized 
Baking salt 1/4 teaspoon

Baking Time & Calories:
Preparing Time :  15 minutes
Baking Time : 22- 24 minutes 
Calories        : 60 calories for serving ( a piece) 
Baking Temperature : 350 to 360 F or 180 degree Celsius


Step 1: Peel apple remove seeds and cut it into medium sized cubes , blend it until it becomes smooth , now take a tea filter or a sieve to separate pulp from juice , filter it completely by squeezing the pulp  . (You can add the pulp to cake batter  or eat it all alone  as it will be rich in fiber )

Step 2: Now take a skillet and boil the apple juice until it thickens and looks more like a syrup

Step 3: Take 8 dates  add some water and boil them until they become mushy . Now separate remaining water  from dates and mash them completely until they become smooth  paste .Take the remaining  4 dates , chop them into small cubes .

Step 4: Take a bowl and whisk / beat eggs completely.Take sugar and blend it completely if it is granulated .Now add the  sugar powder to the  eggs and beat it again with a whisker . 

Step 5: When done add flour , apple syrup, dates paste and beat it well until mixes  with eggs and sugar melts completely .

Step 6: Finally add oil or softened butter and beat so that the batter becomes more loose with air gaps .

Step 7: Add cherries, tuti fruiti, dry fruits to the batter. Take a baking pan and grease /brush it with some butter and sprinkle  little  flour after greasing .

Step 8: Preheat the oven to given temperature for 5- 8 minutes . Pour the batter into baking pan and place it in the oven for about 22 to 24 minutes .

Step 9: Check by  inserting   a knife or a tooth pick  after the baking time  .After cooling you can cut it pieces or make a frosting for  topping it according to your taste .

  • The given temperature depends upon your oven , you have to check in between to see if the cake is burning.Some ovens take not more than 19 minutes so check for every 5 to 10 minutes .
  • In order to get a golden brown color on top of the cake you can cover it with a aluminium sheet so that it protects the cake from getting dark color as it is rich in sugars .
  • If you think the cake is turning brown quickly decrease the temperature , as it is best to bake a cake at low temperature for more time than baking it at high temperatures  
  • You can cut the cake into two layers and spray apple syrup and place some extra toppings or whip cream or whip butter for extra moisture and taste .
  • Olive oil is more sticky and gives almost same taste as of butter and even more good for health than butter .

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  1. Delicious cake, Love it. Thanks for linking with Recipes with Fruits and Giveaway

    However in order to enter the giveaway post should be blogged between February first to March 5th.

  2. Great looking cake, could change the flavor depending on the dried fruit that is used. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Thank you , you can change the both the fruit flavor and dry fruit according to your taste
      But dates give sweetness more when compared to other dry fruits hence the sugar usage is comparatively less and even very healthy

  3. Looks inviting. Thx for linking the fruit cake.

    Event: Sweet Luv - 2013