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November 21, 2012

Nail Art for Beginners

Having beautiful  nails with a light pink tint is cool and really healthy . I love to paint my nails and in this process I have collected some easy interesting and awesome pattern  from available websites those I tried myself (not talking about the results as I am not a expert ) .This may be a bit interesting to those who would be desiring for a new look for their hands.
This art is not so difficult but have to be done with great patience  and care .So start painting your nails the way you love the most .
there are different patterns here I will list out only some of them which I have tried.You may be more creative and invent new designs
 As I said all the designs are basic and for beginners
Kundan Art :
This gives a grand look to your nails and makes them much more wonderful , I have tried this and turned out to be cool .

You need one Glittering nail polish , kundans that match the color of your nail and polish and some patience that's it you can have this beautiful design

Different Patterns and colors:
Try these patterns as they will be easy and available  nail colors at your home 

To get a pattern like this use a tooth pick or a very thin paint brush 

Check this video

Floral Art:
You can even try a floral art on your nail even tough you are a  beginner .Try this first and  if you succeed you can experiment with new patterns

Try this heart shape designs to be more funky

Stickers with Patterns:
If you feel the above patterns difficult try this

Beads & Pearls:
This even gives a stylish look just like the kundan art ,so get ready to bash

These are some of the good arts I have tried and seen the results if you want you can just try the mix and match and enjoy the results ,there are many of them try and start designing arts on your nails

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