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April 24, 2015

Puran Poli / Bobbatlu

Bobbatu or pooran poli is a favorite to many due to its dazzling  melting taste . This mild dessert is a must have in almost all  festivals . One must master the making to attain a delicious poli perfectly round, soft and tasty . 
I never cooked in my mom's kitchen , but when she made these polis , I should be the one who helps her to taste and roast with ghee . I learned making these polis  from my mother , who makes  perfectly without breaking or dry or chewy. This is her recipe  which  I have tried and succeeded. You can serve them with ghee or simply alone as they are roasted with generous amounts of ghee .
The secret of  making the poli lies in the dough that surrounds the stuff , in order to get it perfect , prepare the dough atleast 40 minutes prior to making .
Following the simple instructions makes this a child's play to master.

All purpose Flour 1/4 cup
Oil 1/4 cup
Chana Dal or Split Chick pea 1/2 cup
Sugar 1/2 cup or less according to taste
Cardamom seeds crushed  4 to 5
Ghee as per requirement

Step 1: Add in sufficient amount of water into the flour along with oil to make it into a sticky dough ,it should sit for atleast 40 minutes to get the stretchy form where it stretches as shown below .

Step 2: Now soak in the dal for 10 minutes , and cook in a pressure cooker until it is mushy and soft .
When the lentils are still hot (not too hot ), add sugar and mash the dal , such that the sugar mixes in .When sugar melts in the dal it should look like a big lump or soft ball .
Now add in few  crushed cardamom seeds and make small round balls . 

Step 3: I have enclosed a video to show you how to make a poli .
Step 4: Grease a ziploc , take a big lemon sized dough and stretch with finger as shown in video , place the stuff in the middle and wrap up from all sides .
Now gently roll with fingers to make a poli (please watch the video for better understanding )

Step 5: Roast on both sides with generous amounts of butter or ghee and serve hot .

  • If the dough is not given enough time, it wont be elastic enough to stretch between fingers
  • If you end up covering the stuff with a lot of dough , your poli will be more chewy and hard rather than smooth and melting
  • If your stuff is more watery after adding sugar , switch on the stove and heat until it thickens and forms a ball. This will even increase the shelf life
  • You can add raw grated coconut or jaggery instead of sugar