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March 05, 2013

Bean Bag Factory Adult Black Vinyl Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags are a good addition to small as well as large living spaces . Not only bean bags are comfortable but also adds a lot of color to your space & bean bags matches with all kinds of furniture . 

  • This bean bag   has a very posh look with good finishing for the cost .
  • Not too expensive , it costs about  40 $ + 2 bean bags 13 $ each  . 
  • The quality of the vinyl looks very satisfying 
  • Comfortable for an adult , with a back supporting shape .
  • Comes in different colors and designs of your choice .
  • The factory recommended bag of  beans is 2 , but 2 bags of beans are not sufficient to give a seat which is elevated about 1 feet . The preferred amount of bean bags would be 3 to get a comfortable seat with back support.  This may cost an extra 13 $ 
Conclusion: One of the best inexpensive & inclusive to your living space giving a funky touch to your room for the price .

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