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November 16, 2012

Bash Your Treat with Balloons

    Balloons,are  one of the impressive  ways to make your wedding,birthdays or any other function look special,in a little budget. As discussed earlier balloons alone can be used  to represent your theme . They may be considered as the only available decorating item in  almost all shops with different colors, sizes and shape.
            Keep in mind some basic and useful tips while you decorate with balloons.
Colors 'n' Styles:
The colors of the flowers,table skirt color(you can check my previous post for about TABLE SKIRTS) and your  wall colors are important so,c
hoose balloons that match these colors and styles. .

If you think you wall is dull or bright use some wallpaper with/ without designs to make it lively . 
Room Size and Layout:
   Depending on the size of your living space or the space you are planning to party decide the number of balloons. If  you have box like  room then decorate with less balloons otherwise the room looks clumpsy. 
Decorating small spaces is easy and can be well organized if you  decorate, make a table as center piece or an Island in your room and make a table skirt to it  of your choice and color and  decorate with balloons and flowers.

            Talking of decoration it is  very simple and can be done by anyone. Arranging and color selection is the key concept of decoration.
Here are some  ideas that depict  how to arrange balloons. There are many though as I am giving you an idea I listed only some.

 A Balloon Arch:



Drift Balloons to Ceiling:



Arrange them on a Table:                                                                                                                             


Let their Chair fly :



Wall Decoration:


Floor Decoration/Centerpieces:



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