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November 16, 2012

Lysol No Touch Soap Dispenser

I always used to have  passion to use this in my kitchen and finally got it.Many of you have used it and some may not have .Here i will give a short review on this particular product it may help you in buying in future

  • As stated this product stands for its name for no touch
  • Minimizes your hand exposure to detergents and hence effective for sensitive hands
  • Easy to fix and operate as it involves only piercing the bottle cap only for the first time of using,and for operating just to place your hand near the sensor
  • Uses 3 AA 1.5 v batteries/cells
  • It can be good cleanser for your counter top/to clean surfaces
  • If you use a lot of Oil the soap used is not effective like other brands in dish washing liquids
  • The sensor used can sense literally anything ( even tough good) , if you accidentally run anything below the sensor the soap dispenses if the battery is on
  • Not so sure about the healthy hands as we still use the detergent (has some betterment as it mild)
  • The batteries given with product wont last more than a day (need not  mention the product of.......)
  • If you switch off the battery  back you need to wait until it charges the sensor before using 
Overall a good product  with minor  drawbacks, for a good price and worth to be in your kitchen 

My Star Rate :

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