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November 12, 2012


Fatigue strikes even when everything is fine making you feel sluggish .It generally  feels like flattening,draining,and depleting your body .But do you ever feel  frequent fatigue is due to lacking of  something that is vital .Learn how to recharge your body when running on empty and drive back  in years and get the spark .
  • Figure out if you have any food sensitivities,if you can eliminate them you will notice a considerable change . Some people are very sensitive to Eggs,Diary products,and some pulses or grains which contain considerable amounts of gluten or fiber in them . 
  • So make a list of all the food items that are likely the culprits and avoid them from your diet for a month. You will certainly have the difference.

  • Magnesium is needed by our body for energy production.Boost your mood and your body by adding rice barn to your diet which is very high in Mg .

  • In take foods that generate sufficient energy in your body. The most important vitamin for this is Vitamin B .So try taking vitamin tablets or include mushrooms to your plate which are really a good source of Vitamin B 

  • Another best source is Marmite ,a salty condiment and best source for Vitamin B
  • Amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of protein. Long chains of amino acids, called polypeptides, make up the multi component, large complexes of protein. So be sure that you consume significant amount of foods containing protein like meat ,soy,eggs and dairy

  • Practice this yoga pose and notice the change 
  1. Balance on your left forearm and the outside edge of  your left foot so that your body is in a straight line from head to heels,with shoulders,hips,and legs off the ground(if this is hard practice by balancing on your left knee instead on your foot)
  2. Now,extend your right arm upward .Hold for 30 sec as you take deep breaths in and out, switch sides and repeat.
  3. Do this for 5 times .  You will definitely see some result.

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