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February 09, 2014

Spicy Masala Pesaratu/ Masala Moong Dal Dosa

 A traditional recipe pesarattu toped with masala gives you a  different flavor.                                                    

Whenever I see 'Green' Color this poem comes into my mind.

Green is growing
It's vines
It's new leaves
And fresh shoots
Of grass

Green is softness
It's a field of clover
It's lily pads
And palm fronds
And moss

Green is strength
It's a pine tree
It's a lush mountain
And bamboo stalks
And cacti

Green is life
It's the beginning
Of a cycle
It's springtime
And it's hope
- Lisa (Adapted from a book)

2 cups- Hara Moong Dal/ Green Gram
Salt to taste

1 cup onions
3 garlic pods
3 green chillies
1/2 tsp- Cumin Seeds
Salt To Taste
2 tsp- Channa Dal

Batter Preparation:
  • Soak green gram overnight and rinse 3- 4 times in water. Next day, grind it to form a smooth paste using little water to get batter consistency.


  • Mix salt and keep it aside.

Masala Preparation:
  • In a pan, add cumin seeds, channa dal and saute them at medium flame.
  • Now add onions, garlic pods, red chillies and fry it for few minutes. Remove and cool.

  • Place this cooled onion mixture in a blender and grind to make a fine paste.


Step 1: Now heat a non- stick pan. Apply 1 tsp of oil. Take a big spoonful of batter and pour it on the pan.
Step 2: Quickly spread the dosa batter in a circular shape to form a thin layer.

Step 3: Drizzle some oil in the edges and leave it for 2 seconds.
Step 4: Flip and cook the other side also for few seconds.
Step 5: Flip again, now spread the masala paste evenly on the dosa.

Step 6: Sprinkle some coriander on top of dosa and serve hot.


I prefer eating this with curd because we already added masala in it.


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