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November 07, 2012

Give a new look with Wall Paper

Walls need not intend to be empty always though we hang some wall arts and photo frames sometimes they really look a bit empty. Add some color to your house by simple efforts and tricks like using a wallpaper or art that changes your room entire shape and look.Design your room so that it reflects your thoughts,interests and ideas

Get a Energizing and  a Trendy  Look with Colors:

  • All you have to do is to buy a wall paper that suites your taste and the color your prefer rather than the boring color you see daily. You need not buy any expensive furniture or accessories that match .
  • Bored of looking at the same color daily try a new color that you are fond of  and colors that sooth you when stressed like shades of green.You can add the accessories according to the color you chose
  • This type of patterns  with shades of green  provide calm, pleasant,cool that  reflects nature,they look fresh and rejuvenating,creating  harmony, cheerfulness and tranquility.
  • As  Green is the most visually restful color. Green elicits the feelings of spring, a renewal and freshness. Green is believed to help with fertility, and is a good color for children that are learning to read.

  • Opt  shades of purple which adds  majestic, dramatic and rich feel to the room. 
  • It  induces feelings of wisdom, protection, calmness, creativity, comfort and wealth
  •  Cooler purple hues like lavender and lilac provide a calming and healing effect


  • Shades of gray are really cool and sophisticated,which adds calmness to a room. Gray is a neutral color that can be a good basis for other accent colors.
  •  Gray is a color that brings other colors together, allowing for a flow of color when going from room to room.

  • One important thing is that you may have  a mix and match accessories with white 
  • White is a cool and  neutral color that reflects light. It makes the room more  versatile , sophisticated and apparently  has the ability to make a room feel larger
  •  it can be calming, cheerful, energetic feeling
  •  White, while similar to the properties of gray can establish a flow of colors.

Beautiful bath room unique home plans interior ideas with wallpapers                              

Opting Beautiful Nature:

  • Add  a new look with this computer carved water droplet pattern (that reflects the lake view from the bedroom) out of slices of Baltic birch plywood, glued together in stacks.
  • This is a neutral color and the pattern really reflects soothing nature esp for Nature Lovers 

  • Try a new theme with Woods in your Bed room ,  give it a tint of reality add some radium stickers to your wall paper that glow even in dark
  • Explore the themes like Under water ,nature's beauty,sun rise ,sunset ,mountains, rivers ,fall colors anything that adds life to your room
Light Up your Kid'S Room:
  • If you want to design your kid's room simply get a wall paper of their favorite cartoon character and stick to the wall .They will really love the new change and appearance of their room

Make a Romantic Appeal to your Room:
  • Touching up with some romantic flavor helps to enrich your relationship 

  • There are some more interesting and unique ways to change the appearance of your wall
 Paint On It:
  •  Turn your   plain white bedroom wall into a canvas. By painting directly on the wall, the entire room will become art.
  • This meagerly costs nothing except for the paint , brush and your valuable time

Fill with Mirrors
  • Mirrors are generally the best option if you want to increase the room size apparently 
  •  Mirrors help to improve the light in the room by reflecting.And additional benefit is that they reflect the scenic view if you hang them across the view

 Decorate with Abstract Pattern :
  • This type  pattern adds texture and visual interest to the organic space.

Try with Neutral wall papers :

  •  Get a wall paper that gives a look of  old ages or contemporary with a paint on it 

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