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November 15, 2012

Karthika Masam/Mas Special

As this is Karthika Masam/mas keep posted to this blog to see my  easy recipes  to cook during Fasting and interesting theories ,how to perform prayers,   importance and  specialty of this month.
Today is the beginning of the most auspicious month which can be considered as the month of sanctity 'Karthika Masam' .This is the most sacred month to most Indians esp South Indians .In North India people consider this month as holy and worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Vishnu .people recite Vishnu Sahashranamalu during the month.

 Through out the  month people worship Temples mainly Lord Shiva early in the morning indulging in prayers believing that will be relived from their sins. People observe strict austerities during the month like bathing in cold water in this winter , eating only vegetables ,conducting and doing prayers on very auspicious 'Karthika Somvaram' (Mondays) and visiting temples and offer special rituals to Lord Shiva.

Even thought this whole month is considered as auspicious there are special days  during the month like 'Kartika Poornima' ,which is full moon day in this month, when special prayers  are conducted and' Poornima Dhyanam' or meditation is performed to attain peace and sanctity .
Depicting 'Kartika Poornima'
One more spl day is 'Kartika Ekadasi' when devotees go on fast and break it on the next day known as'Ksheerabdi Dwadasi'. On the Dwadasi day, a new 'Krishna Tulsi'(Kind of Basil)  plant along with a tender branch of 'Amla' tree is worshipped.
 Puja to Goddess Lakshmi with offerings in coins is performed on the occasion.It is well said that Godess Laksmi sanctions her Holy Grace on those who worship her following all the rules and steps in the puja.

There is a well practiced and famous custom of leaving the lit lamps in near by Koneru (rivers,lakes,ponds) placing on a Plantain stem .All women follow this tradition on Poornima night (Full moon Night) and Amavasya  (No moon Night ) morning in the month.Some follow this daily.

 ' Koti Somavaram'  this is the second week and is devoted to sacred rituals to Lord Shiva Called 'Rudrabhishekams' . It is believed that conducting  Abhishekam for Shiva and Parvathi on this day will attain eternity. Lighting ghee lamps before Shiva and Parvathi and doing Rudra Abhisheakam 11 times is very auspicious .It is also believed that one who  perform  Somavara Vratham will be washed off one's sins and problems of past and present . One will get liberation, divine radiance, and good health by doing Abhishekam with Bilva and lotus to Lord Shiva

Now let us take a look about the history of this Festival and why is this month so spl and auspicious to Hindus
It was said that 
 Once Brahma and Vishnu  started arguing " who is the greatest". Both claimed to be the greatest.  Lord Shiva appeared in the form of fire before them  and told them whoever finds the top or bottom of the fire is the greatest. 
Brahma took the form of  a bird  and tried to find the top of the fire pillar. Vishnu took the form of  pig and tried to see the bottom of the pillar. They couldn't find any end to the mighty Shiva's form of fire despite of their trails.  When they realized their mistakes Lord Shiva appeared  be fore them.The day in which the God appeared as a pillar of fire is  when a Lamp is lit on Arunachala mountain called Karthika Deeapam.

Lord Shiva appeared as a hill (Arunachala Hill) at Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu. Indeed, the very name `Arunachala' translate as `holy fire hill.' The Shivalinga in the temple here is the agni linga. The tiny lamps lit during the Karthika Poornima  are believed to be the miniature replicas of the fire linga. 

Another interesting and revolving stories popping the popularity of this month are: 
  • It was said that Lord Vishnu went  to sleep on Ashadha suddha ekadashi  and wakes-up on Karthika suddha ekadashi '(11th day in the month).
  • Lord Shiva k√≠lled Tripurasuras on Karthika pournami and protected the world.
  • It was said that in this month Ganga (Godess of river Ganges) enters in to all rivers, canals, ponds and wells and makes them as pious as Ganga.
  • Ayyappa (Lord Shiva's Son) entered into penance in 'Karthika masam' and is continued up to Makara Sankranthi (Pongal) (Jan 15th)
Very Basic Rules of' 'Khartika masam' 
  1. Devotees should opt only Vegan diet 
  2. Should not consume  Onions and Garlic during this month
  3. If possible  take meal only once per day during the month,
  4. If possible Feed Cows.
  5. Celebrate  auspicious days like Mondays, Karthika Poornima, Koti Somavaram
  6. Devotees take ceremonial or spiritual head  bath everyday for the whole month .
  7. Must  lit light (deepam) every evening and recite God Shiva Chants.
  8. May find time and  Listen  to Shiva Purana Book every evening .
  9. Prepare some spl food items as offerings / prasadam on 'Karthika Poornima,  'Koti Somavaram' and remaining days you can even keep some fruit as offering.
May the lights illume you all! May Lord Shiva bless you with more light!May you merge in this supreme light and attain the eternal abode of bliss and immortality!

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