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April 09, 2015

How to Treat Your Lips and Apply Lip Color

Lips are the most sexiest besides one's eyes .They do speak a lot of our emotions just with a simple gesture .Taking  care of our lips is something we should consider always .There is even a theory that lips speak up our personality .
   Here you can learn
  • How to Apply  a lipstick
  • Effects of lipsticks
  • Problems with lipsticks
  • Lip shapes
   Let us start with How many kinds of Lip make up you can do
Your lips are the one's that make your face whole and complete but when it comes to your makeup application, it is pretty much the last step on your face. Believe it or not, the texture of the lips may reduce or increase the apparent size of the mouth or improve the proportions.
  • Lips are the most tricky parts of our body so care must be taken while applying make up 
  • Lip Liner is very important, it is like the foundation cream you use to your face ,if you apply the lip liner  in an improper way it really changes the way you look 

  • Many of us either apply lip stick or lip gloss or lip tint directly but the fact is you have to apply the lip liner first and as a finishing touch you have to use any of them
Lip Gloss

Lip Tint

Effects of Lipsticks:

  • Prevent the lips from drying out from moisture and getting chapped
  • Draws attention
  • Corrects your Lip defects
  • It define the Lips and adds color 
How to choose  a Lip color:
  •  Keep in mind that intensity of lip color must balance the rest of your makeup. 

  • If you go with soft but bright tones they  permit more improvement with the mouth shape and gives attention to the lips. 
  • Consider the time of your make up, as artificial light drains color and day light accentuates color.


  • If your lips blacken ,this is because  of using excess lipstick or your lips are sensitive enough for any lip color which adversely effects , or this may be even caused due to some cheap branded lip colors 
  • If you have a problem,check the brand's chemical composition before purchasing it , because some chemical may lead to heart problems mainly like Chemical Lead , and some cause constant drying of your lips 
  • If your lips are bleeding,this is because the color spreads outwards over the lip lines into the natural skin creases. Because of body heat , creamy and glossy lipsticks slightly ‘melt’ & fine vertical lines around the lips allow the lipstick to seep into them. 
  • If your Lipstick is fading off, this happens when you use some darker tones which contains tints of blue. 
  • If your lips color is drying out , this happens when lipstick contain frosted shades or the over use of fillers and binders in the ingredients. 

 Full Type Lips :

  • Lucky you !!! your lips are the most admired 
  • You have voluptuous and curvy lips, you have full lips. 
  • Your lips are even more gorgeous if they happen to be symmetrical. 
  • You will look exceptional.
How to apply Lip Color:
  • FULL LIPS should be toned down with softer colors 
  • You can push your lips forward using a dark lipstick in the outer corners of your mouth and a paler one in the middle of your lips 
  • To finish, add some highlighter at the center, top and bottom to create an even plumper appearance.
Oval or Round Lips :

  • Round /oval lips normally have the shape almost like of a button 
  • Your lips have a great charm that really draws crowd 
  • Your lips are neat but small in shape 
How to apply lip color:
  • Apply a dark toned lip liner past the outer ends of your mouth will reveal the round shape of your lips 
  • If you know how to match your color go for glossy lip touch up or lip balm 
  • You can go for dark/soft toned lip gloss as well 
  • You can extend your lip size by this simply trick, with lip liner and lipstick applied just beyond the corner of your mouth.
Wide Lips:

  • Wide lips refers to people who have lips that are not only stretched but also wide as the name suggests 
  • Wide lips will typically extend so that the ends are beyond the outer edge of the iris when relaxed

How to apply Lip color

  • To balance your wide lips, apply some foundation over your lips and then add powder to fill and cover any natural line
  • Take a lip pencil and draw around the shape of your lips just inside your natural line and stop short just at the corners of your mouth to create a cupid’s bow.
  • Use a dark toned lip color to reduce your lips prominence.

Thin Lips:
  • If you happen to have this type of Lips you have been blessed 
  • Your lips have very little curves
  • Fact that his type of lips are sensible

How to apply lip color:
  • Thin lips,, need to be given curves so add some lip liner on the outside of your natural lip line and then smudge until the line is just visible. 
  • To fill in your lips you’ll need matching dark and a pale lipsticks. 
  • Apply the darker shade to your lower lip and the paler shade to your top lip, making sure that both colors cover your lip line and leave no hard edges. 

Uneven Lips :

  • You have lips where either of the lips match ,either the top or bottom will be considerable large 
  • One of your lips dominate 

How to Apply Lip Color:

  • If you have lips where one side does not match the other, particularly on the top lip then use a lip pencil to outline your top lip, making it so both sides match up, 
  • Then smudge the line to eliminate any hard edges.
  • A medium toned lipstick will fill in the new shape that you created nicely and help to even out your lips
  • If you have a large bottom lip just apply the same but do apply it the bottom lip to reduce its domination


  1. One easy tip is to apply lip balm or chap stick before & after you have applied the lip color as it diminishes the dark tone and leaves a shiny , bright color and most importantly it keeps you fresh and moist for a long time 
  2. It should be in harmony with your eyes, cheek color and foundation whilst giving vitality and lift your expression. Makeup is incomplete if the lips isn’t colored or glossed up. Only after lip color application, will your whole face be in harmony 
3. Your lip color should be having all these attributes 

  • Must not be cake or flake the lips 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Stable and long-lasting 
  • Non toxic, non irritant and hypoallergenic 
  • Should provide moisture and protection 
  • Must have an even consistency, free from grittiness with a smooth even surface and uniform in color 
  • Must be stable under temperature changes 
  • Must not transfer easily from lips to object 
4. Always remember that
  • Lip gloss – used to get shiny and moist lips 
  • Lip balm – its function is to protect lips from drying out 
  • Color stay – used for long-lasting effect 
  • Creamy lipsticks – used to moist the texture and to be smooth 
5.In order not to fade off the color apply foundation onto the lips before applying lipstick.

6.Bleeding can be prevented by applying foundation and powder to the lips before applying lipstick

 7.Avoid frosted shades and moisturize lips, esp in winter. 

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