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February 01, 2013

Feeling Stress ........

Stress may be caused by many reasons irrespective of age , our busy and trendy life style may be one of the reason .
Next time when someone says you look stressed or when you notice  your family members or friends  feeling stress  , just tell them to   "Relax" by trying these simple and natural tricks .

* As always said intake tons of Vitamin C foods in your daily diet , this really helps to release stress relief hormone by adernal gland , just increase the intake fruits and vegetables like berries, bell peppers, guavas, Chile peppers ,green leafy vegetables .

*Consuming enough amount of Fatty acids will subside the stress levels . This not only subsides stress but also helps to improve brain function . So consume fish oil , flax seeds, walnuts , hemp seeds  which contain fatty acids as well as substances which can convert into essential fatty acids ).

* Try some physical or yoga or meditation  as these produce hormones to counter balance stress and alleviates the brain function

*  Most of us have some targeted muscles that knot up under stress. It's a sort of a viscous cycle. Stress produces adrenaline , which produces muscle tension, which more adrenaline, and so on. A good way to break the cycle is by finding out the targeted muscles , as they are the one's responsible for tension under pressure. Usually muscles in the back of your neck and upper back are the culprits. So massage them when ever you feel like in stress or in order to eradicate the stress situation just massage them whenever possible or you get time 

*Take a hot water bath or take some hot soak in bath tub , as when in tension the blood circulation is reduced to the extremities of your body. Water is a great healer for stress, as hot water helps to improve the blood circulation which convinces the body thing is safe and that it is Ok to get relaxed. For more better results add add lemon juice or Epsom salt to the water.

*Keep in control your sugar levels through out the day which helps to  decrease the stress  levels . Prefer  whole foods rather than juices and whole grains rather than processed carbs .

Note :

*Cold water  for bathing while in stress is a big no, as it decreases the blood circulation , and the result is a increased tension.

*If you don't have time for bathing just get time to run hot water on your hands and feet to improve your blood circulation.

* A salad rich with vitamin C foods and green leafy veggies soothes better than greasy takeouts. 

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