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February 05, 2013

Mexican Guacamole/Avocado Dip

  You'll fall in love with this easy,flavorful dip.This goes well with bread,rotis and dosas also.

1 Avocado(ripe as in really dark in color and slightly soft when squeezed)  
1small finely chopped onion
2tsps-lemon juice
2 Chopped Green Chillies
Water as required
Salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste 

Cooking Time & Calories:
Preparation Time:15min
Cooking Time:0min
Calories: 101.0

Step 1:Halve and pit the avocado. Carve out the flesh with a spoon.

Step 2: Add chopped avocado, onions and green chillies.
Step 3:Grind this in a blender along with  lemon juice, salt,pepper and a little water to make a thick paste.
Step 4:Put the mixture in the bowl.
Step 5:Taste it and adjust the salt and pepper according to your taste.

You can also add Tabasco sauce according to your taste.

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