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February 06, 2013

How to Prevent Your Partner From Snoring .....!!!!

Snoring is one of the most annoying sound caused to the turbulent airflow that causes tissues to vibrate during sleep time. 

Do you know that snoring may be the reason for high Blood Pressure or rise in bad cholesterol ,this is a new theory that suggests that snoring may even lead to heart attacks or heart problems .

This may not be true in your case but there are many more reasons for snoring including age , sleeping position, stress, alcohol ,obesity, illness or due to some medication.

Now watch out the danger and take necessary steps to reduce this illness (snoring) by practicing   simple curing and natural remedies .........

Tips To Reduce Snoring :

*Have a healthy diet including greens & Vitamin C Foods .This solves everything .

*Change your sleeping Position i.e don't lay on your back , incorporate a new sleeping posture by sleeping side  & follow same sleeping time or pattern every day 

*Reduce or  call off  Alcohol or smoking

*Take rest and try to reduce your stress by doing some meditation , or physical  this is the best remedy for snoring

*When practiced for 30 minutes a day, throat exercises can be an effective way to reduce or stop snoring. Repeatedly pronouncing certain vowel sounds and curling the tongue in specific ways can strengthen muscles in the upper respiratory tract and thereby reduce snoring.
Try the following exercises to stop snoring. Start slow and gradually increase the number of sets you do. In some cases, you may be able to combine the exercises with other activities, such as commuting to work, walking your dog, working out, or taking a shower.

  • Repeat each vowel (a-e-i-o-u) out loud for three minutes a few times a day.
  • Place the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth. Slide your tongue backwards for 3 minutes a day.
  • Close your mouth and purse your lips. Hold for 30 seconds.
  • With mouth open, move jaw to the right and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat on left side.
  • With mouth open, contract the muscle at the back of your throat repeatedly for 30 seconds. Tip: Look in the mirror to see the uvula (“the hanging ball”) move up and down.Take about 2 to 3 sips of olive oil before going to bed which will reduce the snoring effect some times this can totally eliminate the snoring sounds
*Incorporating good cleaning habits like use of mouth wash with salt content also helps free the air way from dirt and impurities. An unobstructed air way definitely helps control snoring.

*Caffeine consumption should be reduced substantially so that you can overcome snoring.

*Go for three to four small meals, rather than one single heavy meal. Particularly heavy meal before pushing off to bed should be avoided.

*If required humidifiers should be used to ensure moisture in the bed room. Too much of dryness also proves to be encouraging from the point of view of snoring.

*You can practice singing

* Some times allergies may also lead to snoring , so check and clean your bed , and bed room at least  once in 2 to 3 days . Some times some people who are allergic to dust , pets , etc may end up in snoring , so  make sure to clean everything .

*In addition to this avoid dairy products before going to bed .

Happy Sleep 

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