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March 12, 2013


Struggling with Constipation??? Try some effective and healthy home remedies to over come this illness .
Constipation is very dangerous sometimes as the toxic material has to be discarded  from your system to build a healthy system .
Do you know sometimes this may increase your body weight up to 1 lb!!!!!!!

1)Massaging your tummy with mustard oil every night helps a lot in curing this illness .

2) Drink a glass of raw Spinach juice daily for some days , this helps to eliminate this problem completely.

3)Eat water melon regularly for few days and this cures constipation completely.

4)Eating a ripe  papaya  before going to bed , helps to get relief from constipation.

5)Drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day  preferably lukewarm water, this helps to cure constipation.

6)Cut radish into small circular pieces and sprinkle them with salt & pepper powder  and intake them , this clears the stomach and cures constipation.

7)Drinking wheat grass juice , regularly helps to cure constipation.

8)In addition to this eat fresh vegetables and fruits like carrots, ripe figs, cabbage , grapes , banana, ripe mango, beet root , raw onion , guava also helps to clean your stomach and cures constipation.

9) In addition to this increase the fiber , garlic and ajwain seeds  in your diet which aids for good digestion .

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