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December 11, 2012

Perfect Hair do

Hair Styling...!!!
         Being innovative with your hair is a must if you wish to look attractive and good-looking in a party, and there are a variety of  hairdo's available to inspire yourself.It is something which most of us struggle without having proper knowledge .Trying new styles can make you look different at the same time we should follow the style which suits our personality.Whether you have a round face  or oval face or a diamond face it doesn't matter,with a proper hairdo we can make ourselves look more elegant.

Here are some hairstyles which every one can try...

Wavy Hairstyle:

  • This suits for woman who have chubby cheeks.
  • Wavy hairstyle looks stunning with the combination of layers cut in different lengths.
  •  Wavy hairstyles also help to enhance your features and if done roughly, they give a completely different all time look.
  • Who have a slim face cut can also go for wavy hairstyles only if they cut long layers from the back and sides of their face
  •  This hairstyle will increase the volume of hair and give a stylish look.

Big Bun Hairstyle:


  •  This gives a classy look.
  • Women  having a sophisticated personality can try this hair style.
  • Women who have blunt features like high cheek bones and narrow jaw lines etc can go for this style.
  • The longer the hair the bigger the bun will be.
  • Women with long face should avoid bun because big bun adds length creating an unflattering  result.

 Braids Hairstyles:

  • We already know different braid styles like french braid,fish tail braid,waterfall braid,Side Braid.
  • Braids of different styles are fashion now.
  • It best suits for any type of face shape
  • It gives you a formal look as well as casual look.

Blunt Bangs Hairstyles:

  • This goes well with medium hair as well as long hair.
  • It best suits for long face shaped faces because they cut the length and width issues.
  • They make the women look younger by covering the lines and also softens the whole face.


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  2. Thank you for showing interest in our posts.Avoid hair dryers,hot irons,hair dyes on the damaged hair.Taking little care will make your hair healthy.

    Here is a simple tip which i try often..
    First, rub warm olive oil into your hair and cover with a soft cloth. Let it sit for 1hour.Apply egg white let it dry.No need to use conditioner bcos egg is a natural conditioner.You can wash your hair with your shampoo.

    With this simple tip you can repair dry hair and eliminate the damage with ease.