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April 01, 2015

Foot Pain

Feet are those which can show up your health.No doubt that  ,why this simple and one of the smallest part of your body experience pain or problems, as each is made with 26 bones,33 joints,107 alignments,19 muscles that help it to move in many directions.
Amazing isn't !!! and hence the reason of its pain .This would explain why the 'Foot massage' is famous in 'China'.
They have a theory that every nerve in your foot connects to almost all organs in your body and by soothing them (feet) you can minimize your pressure and regain your energy

Use and treat your feet with these simple tricks to get back on to your 'Heels'

  • Check your foot ware ,because your negligence and ill fitting of your shoes may be the main reason for your pain
  • One best thing you can do is to give a break to your feet when you get home.Rest  or lie down ,put your feet up and wiggle your toes in a circular direction for better blood circulation
  • Relax well by straightening your  legs and raise your feet above your heart level and relax in that position for about 20 minutes
  • To soothe the pain or relax your feet role them over Golf ball or a soup can or a tennis ball.To cool the ache roll your feet over a cool bottle one at a time .

  • Another best and effective method is to soak your feet in a basin of salt water either warm or lukewarm 

  • You can soothe yourself by soaking your body  with both cold and hot water hot/cold tub by adding Epson salt to water 
  • If  you have  no issues with aerobics, practice them .They usually involve with a lot of physical movement 

  • Move /shake your legs and feet in all directions through out the day to make the circulation more easy
  • Try wearing shoes with high and thick soles .Don't go for thin soled or point heels for sake of fashion or style your comfort is what matters here
  • Try with some flat sandals rather going for pointy or heels
  • Use a little oil massage daily to your sore heels to blow away the pain and soreness

  • Use insoles in your shoes which support your soles from cramps and they help to get rid of toe pains

Happy Feet


  1. I'm definitely going to try this out on my feet. they could use with a bit of pampering!!!

    1. Yes, feet require a lot of relaxation , as they ought to bear our weight

  2. Thanks for sharing the information.
    A foot is made up of many parts which have to work together to support the entire weight of your body throughout your life. This means your feet are subject to an array of problems which can have a negative impact on your quality of life.foot pain

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