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March 08, 2014

Smooth & Puffy Chapathis........

Are your rotis are getting more elastic and rubbery after some time , try this simple and very effective trick.

  •  The fact lies in kneading and preparing the dough , so next time when you prepare chapathi or roti dough , take 1/4 cup milk and add sufficient amount of water that is necessary to prepare the dough and bring to boil (just like milk) . 
  • Take wheat flour into a utensil and add sufficient amount of oil and mix well, when the water is done , add it directly to the flour and mix it with a spatula , it cools in a minute or two now knead the dough and add oil if necessary .
  • This is a very simple trick and easy way for people who cannot knead the dough for a long time (as the dough becomes so smooth you don t need to keep a lot of effort) .
  • You don't even need to add any extra flour or oil while making rotis .
  • When you make chapathi with this dough they will be smooth for two days and more puffy.

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  1. Sounds like a cool tip. Cannot wait to try it out :). Thx for linking.