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March 08, 2014

Dosa Preparation

21/2 cups rice
1 cup skinless split urad daal
Salt to taste
1 cup-Canola oil

Cooking Time & Calories:
Preparation Time:12hrs
Cooking Time:5min
Calories: 160 per 1 dosa

Step 1:Wash the rice and urad dal well.
Step 2: Soak overnight with water.
Step 3:Next day drain the water.
Step 4:Take that in a jar and grind - adding very little water make it to a fine paste.
Step 5:When all the rice-daal mix is made to a paste, shift that into a large  bowl and add enough water to make a batter.
Step 6:Now add little salt and keep the batter  aside for some hours.Now the batter is  ready to make Dosas.
Step 7:In a non stick pan with the help of ladle put the batter in the center of the pan and spread the batter circularly.

Step 8:Sprinkle oil on all sides.        
Step 9:The color of the dosa will change when it is cooked, then you can flip the dosa to the otherside.                        

  • Along with rice and urad dal soak few fenugreek seeds also.It will give soft and smooth dosa. You can also add left over rice or puffed rice also.
  • If your dosa is sticking to the pan,take half onion and rub on to the pan.
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