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October 26, 2013


Have you or any of your family members or friends have got diabetics. This is a deadly disease which when not  treated properly becomes a treat for working  of  all vital organs like heart , kidneys  as the body doesn't produce enough insulin to synthesize the glucose into energy .
One simple and easy trick to get a hand over diabetics (which controls the condition but not cures ) is to follow a blind rule of eating in small quantities of food  for every two hours which is rich in fiber and proteins as this condition mainly arises due to untimely meals and unhealthy life styles and sometimes may be due to hereditary .                                                                                                                                  

  • Eat fresh produce which includes all veggies , fruits and even nuts  but avoid some fruits & veggies  which may increase the blood sugar levels like chiku , banana ,custard apple,  potato , dates 
  • A proper foot care and oral care must be taken as this diseases makes them sensitive due to less blood circulation  . So soak your  feet daily in lukewarm water and gently massage them for proper blood circulation.
  • Some patients loose weight while  some gain weight according to their body types and metabolisms  , so, regulate your body by consuming foods which trigger  higher metabolic rate  
  • Simple cardiovascular exercises like walking  can fetch better results .
  • In addition to these precautions and care you can also follow simple tips like :
  •  Soak some Fenugreek seeds in curd or yogurt overnight. Consume them  in the early morning everyday with empty stomach .
  • Green tea reduces the insulin levels in the body.
  • Drink Bitter Gourd juice before breakfast.
  • Eat raw Curry Leaves or Basil Leaves every day after meal.
  • Eating Aloe Vera gel before lunch or dinner gives an immediate result.
  • Gooseberry is one of the home remedies which gives quick result.

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