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February 14, 2014

Personalized Photo Story Book

Gifts for someone special sometimes seems very impossible to be unique that fit the situation. So, we opt either for chocolate,flowers or a greeting card . Though selecting them is not a easy task either.

I met this situation on this valentine's day (as I 'am done with all options on various occasions).

I decided to present him a unique collection of all sweet memories in the form of a story with some cool cartoons which mostly resembled us.

I have framed a small sweet story of our journey and love before and after marriage which included both happy and sad moments and gave it a fairy ending .Then downloaded some pictures (simple picture without words or description ) from internet , edited them with my own words to re create the situations (used some verses too ) and one photo cover with a title of my own . I took a photo print out of all the edited photos , punched two holes at one end , and tagged with a red satin lace .

TADA !!!!!!

My personalized photo book is ready with all our cute and sweet memories encrypted into it..........

When I gave it to him , he was thrilled and thought I purchased it from some store through internet (as the photos suited aptly for the situations ). Yes, pictures do speak a lot more than words...........


  • Best present to parents or friends or siblings
  • If you don't have a photo printer , you can go to any store which does not cost you more .
  • If you have a normal printer at your place , take color print out of all photos and laminate them to make a book or coupons type
  • If you don't like to laminate , buy a chart from Dollar store (preferably red) , stick all the photos and cut the chart, leaving a small border of chart for each photo (you can use some zigzag patterned cutters for a funky look)
  • You can make a collage of all the photos sticking them to a chart and then frame it

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