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March 19, 2014

Photo Frame From Cereal Carton

This is my first  hand made photo frame   out of  a cereal box . When I have seen many cartons being trashed  I have got this idea of making a photo frame .
I first made out a outline how to make and then started to work on this .

All you need :
One carton (I used cereal box)
Glue (I used Emler's glue)
Some Glitter (I used Silver as well as Gold Glitter powders)
One fabric Paint
Tissues for extra touch up.
A clear polythene used to cover  and protect the photo

One heart shaped stencil (I drew with free hand )

    • This is completely made from cardboard. Two heart shaped card boards attached with a strip of cardboard.
    • Embellished with , finely  rolled tissue paper which is dabbed in gold glitter.
    • Outlined with stone stickers (you can opt even kundans or stones )  

    • I even gave a  opening at the back convenient to change photo .
    • When the paint is almost dry I dabbed it with tissue papers to give rough look on sides 


    1. great idea and nice art is good to find ways to reuse items.Recently I made some small storage boxes with empty milk cartons,really better than buying plastics....