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March 22, 2015

Take Good Care Of Ur Winter Gear

Finally !!!! the winter has drawn it's bitter cold claws and life started sprouting every where enjoying the sunshine, warmth ,chirping of birds , long nature walks , pleasant breezes , gurgling of rivers and divine smells of earth warming up ........

We enjoy this colorful and lively season with cotton and flip flops , so, it's time to take care of the winter gear which helped US a lot to make it through the rough winter. Although many of us take good care of winter clothing, washing and maintaining them atleast twice a year is recommended for best results .

Caring for your wardrobe is the best way to maximize the wear you get from your clothing. So how can you get rid of pills on your favorite sweater? And how can you rid your sock collection of set-in stains????? read on for tips on all that and more!

  • Whether they’re wool, cashmere, cotton or polyester, here’s the skinny on caring for your sassy sweaters.
  • Don’t hang ‘em up. Keep your winter sweaters from becoming stretched out and shapeless by folding them and placing them in a drawer.
  • Eliminate pills with a razor or sandpaper. Lightly rub fabric with a disposable razor or a piece of sandpaper. It might take a few minutes, but you’ll get rid of those annoying little bumps without damaging your clothing.
  • Hand washing is better than the washing machine. The best way to preserve your sweaters is to hand wash them. Protect your fragile duds from the rigors of the washing machine
  • Whether you’re dealing with a pet hair-covered pea coat or a dirty down jacket, here’s how to make your outerwear look as good as new.
  • Remove lint from wool coats with a coat brush. Have you ever tried to use a sticky lint roller on your wool coat? Buy a coat brush with natural bristles, and brush in a firm, sweeping motion to remove hair and other fibers.
  • It’s okay to wash your down jacket in the washing machine. Use cold water and a mild detergent. To keep it looking nice, don’t wash it too often; twice a year should be sufficient.
  • Use tennis balls to help your down jackets dry properly. Use low heat, and throw three to four clean tennis balls in the dryer alongside the jacket. The balls will help balance out the material in your jacket so that you don’t end up with lumps.
  • Lubricate a sticky zipper with hand soap. Do you have a frustrating zipper on one of your jackets? According to Yahoo, you can fix the zipper by closing it and then rubbing a bar of soap up and down the track. Then try to open and close the zipper several times. It should work a lot better.
  • Leave leather cleaning to the pros. Leather jackets don’t require a lot of care. Just make sure to hang it up nicely when you’re not wearing it. Have the jacket cleaned annually by a professional to keep it in good shape for years to come.
  • Winter footwear can be expensive. Make your boots last for multiple seasons with these easy care tips.Leather boots require periodic care to stay nice. 
  • Waterproof your suede boots with protective spray. Boot spray is well worth it to protect those suede boots that you paid an arm and a leg for. Before you first wear the boots, spray them with waterproofing spray, and allow them to dry completely. After that, make sure to spray them every few weeks to keep them free of stains and water damage.
  • Don’t neglect scarves, gloves or hats. These items are rarely washed, but they come into contact with makeup, oil and germs more often than just about anything else in your closet! Hand wash these items once a week to keep them dirt-free .

Socks/Gloves/ Scarves / Knit Winter Caps :
  • Use white vinegar to banish set-in sock stains. Do you hate pulling clean socks out of the dryer when they still look dirty
  • Pour one gallon of water and one cup of white vinegar into a large pot, and heat until boiling. After removing the pot from the heat, submerge the socks and let them soak overnight. Once they’ve had a good soak, put on rubber gloves and wring out each sock. Then you can launder them as usual. Pull them out of the dryer and be amazed!

With just a little bit of regular attention, you can keep your winter clothes looking amazing for several seasons.

Any more tips????? Let know in the comments

Adapted from :Zing

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