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August 06, 2015

Ravva / Broken Rice Pulihora

Preparing Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time : 15 Minutes

Cuisine : South Indian (Andhra)

Broken rice or Ravva pulihora is a quick recipe which is very similar to normal pulihora but the cooking time is much less .This recipe even uses less oil when compared to rice pulihora . You can get the broken rice or rice ravva in some stores , if not,  you can prepare it at home very easily .
As I promised more pulihora recipes in my old posts here is one which is authentic and tasty  addition to your exotic  recipes . This can be taken as a breakfast or dinner or brunch too .
Stay tuned for more authentic recipes of Pulihora/ puliogare  in my next posts .

Broken Rice 1 cup
Tamarind Pulp as per taste
Salt as per taste
Oil 5 to 6 table spoons

For Tempering:
Mustard Seeds 1 table spoon
Cumin Seeds 1 teaspoon
Split Chick pea or Chana Dal 2 table spoons
Urad Dal or Black Gram 2 table spoons
Ground Nuts 2 table spoons
Cashew Nuts few
Hing two pinches
Turmeric 2 pinches
Curry Leaves few
Green chilies 5 to 6
Red Chilies 5 to 6

Step 1: Bring 2 cups of water to boil along with turmeric and oil . Add in the broken rice , and cook until the water is evaporated , it just takes 10 minutes to be done . Spread it on a plate to cool .


 Step 2: Heat oil for tempering , and add tempering when it sputters , add it to the rice.

 Step 3: Toss in some salt on the rice . Now take table spoon of oil add thick tamarind pulp , and fry until it oozes out oil .
Step 4: Add this tamarind pulp to the rice and mix well , such that salt and tamarind pulp mixes well with the rice .
Step 5: Serve hot or cold .

Chef's Notes:
  • If you can't  get broken rice ready in stores, you can prepare your own broken rice at home which is simple and easy too. Just take some rice rinse thoroughly under water , drain off the excess water and let dry the rice until all the water evaporates and  rice becomes dry and brittle .
  • Now take a blender and just give pulses with a cross blade , such that the rice breaks evenly into small pieces
  • You can store the excess broken rice , for next time use in an air tight container  .
  • Be sure to dry  out the rice ,completely otherwise the left over broken rice develops mold even though stored in air tight container  .
  • Be sure to spread the cooked rice on plate to dry , other wise it might end up into a lump rather than being separated grains.


  1. This looks so beautiful, new and delicious dear. Love the presentation!

    1. Thank you Kushi S , glad you liked it :) ,