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October 25, 2012

Bitter Gourd Stuffed Masala Curry

Today I want to introduce a new taste in Bitter Gourd , its a very easy and tasty recipe and you will really find a different flavor in Bitter Gourd


Bitter gourds 2 large
Garlic clove  1 large
Asafoetida  a pinch 
Small Onion 1
Ground Nuts 160gms
Roasted Yellow Split Peas  (Chana dal ) 2 table spoons
Black Gram 1 tablespoon
yellow Split  peas 1 tablespoon
 Cumin seeds 1/4 tea spoon
Mustard seeds 1/8 teaspoon
Red chillies (hot and large ones) 10
Ginger 1 table spoon (cubed)
Salt for taste 
Cilantro for garnish
Coconut Flakes(dry) 1/4 teaspoon
Canola Oil 8 tablespoons
Red chilli powder (if required)
turmeric a pinch
Mint 1/8 cup chopped

Cooking Time & Calories:
 Preparing Time :15 minutes
 Cooking Time :25 minutes
 Calories: 230 Calories per 100gms

 Step1: Take the Bitter gourds and cut them into round large pieces with enough length to stuff with masala
as shown here
Step2:Clean inside by taking out the seeds and boil the pieces in a microwave or pressure cooker until they become tender (don't over cook if so they become too mushy )
Step3:Take a skillet and dry roast the ground nuts,Black gram,yellow split peas note that each and every ingredient must be roasted separately(NO NEED TO ROAST THE ROASTED SPLIT PEAS)
Step4:Add a little oil and roast the red chilies .
Step5:Slice about half of the taken small onion (we just need a small piece of onion)
Step6:Take a blender add the roasted dals ,peanuts,roasted split peas,red chilies,ginger,mint,garlic clove,cumin seeds,mustard seeds ,turmeric,salt,and the onion and blend (masala needn't to be too smooth there may be residues of any ingredients added ). Taste the masala for salt if necessary add a little
Step7:Take the bitter gourd pieces and run cold water to cool them 
Step8:Now take a deep skillet add oil ,when the oil is ready and hot add the stuffed  pieces , cover with a lid   and let them sit on a medium flame for about 20 min (just stir and turn the pieces to avoid burning at the bottom for every 3 or 4 minutes)
Step9:After 20 min of cooking now let the curry cook for one more 5 minutes without the lid
Step10: Now transfer the curry to a serving bowl and garnish with coconut flakes and coriander leaves

  • While boiling the bitter gourd pieces add a little of tamarind juice or butter milk to cut the bitter taste ,and even when you wash the boiled pieces under cold water it washes the bitterness .
  • Don't add salt while boiling the pieces as you will be adding in the masala 
  • If you really think that the salt is not enough then sprinkle a little on the stuffed pieces so that the bitter gourd gets the salt while cooking 
  • The curry still tastes a little bitter .

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