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October 25, 2012

Trendy Carpet

A carpet in the living room has got volumes to speak on your personality, style and taste. 
To bring an air of welcome into the room, the choice of the right carpet becomes a must.
So, what is a carpet...?????
     Carpeting begins with individual fibers that are spun together to form yarn. The yarn is then tufted or woven to the backing in various ways to form the pile.The pile characteristics play a big role in the feel and durability of the carpet.
     Carpet is most commonly found in two types of construction: Cut pile and Loop pile and Cut loop . Each construction offers various styles to choose from.
  • Cut pile is a durable choice and comes in variety of styles: plush, textured, Saxony, frieze, and cable. These will provide everything from a formal look to a shaggy look, and certain types will help hide dirt.
  • Loop pile is made without cutting the strings of yarn and is a durable.They are durable in construction, and are considered an “all-purpose” carpet.
  • Cut and loop is a mixture of carpet where some fibers are cut and some are looped. This creates a multi-level texture ideal for high traffic areas.
Before purchasing a carpet, the following factors are to be considered:
     As a general rule, a high number of knots per square inch indicates a higher-quality rug. This is especially important for finely-detailed floral or pictorial designs and less important for large geometric designs. Turn the rug over and look at the back, where the undersides of the knots are apparent.
  • For a family with either a pet or a toddler, purchasing a costly carpet makes no sense as it must be able to sustain the regular trampling.
  • Again, living rooms with more traffic on it should be fitted with a durable carpet. If you have a budget limitation, you must shop around to research different styles of carpet to ensure you get one to withstand the wear and tear within your price range.
  • In a room already fitted with furniture, the choice of the carpet should be in tune with the rest of the room. On the other hand, in a remodeled house with new set of furniture, you can get a wide array of colors and designs to start from.
  • The amount of light your living room receives should act as a yardstick for choosing the color of your carpet. If the room is well lit, then you may go for darker shades. To attain a calm and modern look, colours which are beside each other in the colour wheel may prove to complimentary to one another.
  • If you have a small room, can make it look bigger with your choice of interior design and one method is to go for lighter shades of carpet. The use of dark colors can give a warm and cozy feeling in cooler climate.
  • Stains on single colored carpets speak aloud. In order to reduce this risk, patterned carpets or ones with multiple colours can help to conceal any unwanted marks or stains. 
Color and Texture vs Classic Styles 
When deciding on which carpet style to put in your home, consider functionality, style and durability. While you might be tempted to go with a bold, textured style, consider whether you will enjoy that style for years to come.


Bold New Styles 
Carpeting is more than just flooring for your home - it's a focal point for design and creativity. Now more than ever, bold new styles of carpet create great opportunities for you to make a fashion statement. Unique textures and colors are available in a wide array of style to suit your design needs.

Eco Friendly Carpet Construction
If being environmentally conscious is important to your family, carpet is a good choice. Natural carpet fibers, such as wool, leave a smaller environmental footprint that other carpet styles because they are made from a renewable resource. Synthetic fiber carpets, such as nylon and polyester are now made from recycled materials. The carpet industry is also minimizing carpet's impact on the environment.


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