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October 29, 2012

Healthy Life

Today I want to share some very interesting and better home remedies for 'Healthy Life' you may or may not know ,but the fact is they are proven effective in studies.
We will start with 'Asthma' today and keep posted for my next topic which is Cold and Flu.
  • If your have a problematic airway (asthma )this may really help you, this is completely drug free trick and can be treated just with some supplies we usually stock at home and some tips ,so have a look which may help you or your child

  • Many of us consume lots of dried fruits, frozen food but the fact is they are about 70% asthma inducers ,so , check for the sulfites. These sulfites are also found in beer and wine , beware of what you are consuming 
  • Do you know that the food odor while you cook can trigger your asthma ,so open up your windows while you cook this time and see the effect 
  • Heart burn may really trigger asthma , so, one remedy is to take three to four meals in a short course of time rather than piling your plates with huge amounts of foods 
  • Load your diet with Flavonoids will really help you reduce from asthma , OK but what are these 'Flavonoids' ,this is the component really helps you control inflammation which triggers asthma . This is found as a tiny crystals in Onions, Apples, Berries, Grapes .Flavonoids not only remedy for heart burn but also anti oxidants . 

  • Consume a considerable amounts of Magnesium daily which help in improving lungs function and decrease the muscle tensions ,but be careful while in taking large doses at a time as they can cause diarrhea, or cramps or even to bloating . So try to consume as low as 100 mg per a meal and do this for twice and you will really see the effect 
  • The last but not the least is the fish oil which really relieves from asthma .Studies even proven that fish oil which contain the fatty acids can act as a wall to reduce the allergies that trigger asthma 
  1. If you have a heart problem consult a doctor before consuming high amounts of Magnesium in your daily consumption 
  2. A little tip for subsiding the inflammation from going up stream is to raise the head of your bed 4 to 6 inches by putting blocks under the top legs so that you can eliminate the chance of triggering asthma 
  3. Fish capsules may lead to burps with a tint of its taste so in order to avoid that freeze the capsules and take them right before meal 

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