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November 12, 2012

Belly Fat !! Drive It Away With These Foods

Belly fat,  the most uncomfortable and annoying fat that seems like never shedding off because it would be the last target (unfortunately to our body  but for us the first ) when we are aiming for weight loss .
One vital mistake many people do is that they starve themselves thinking that would melt down their belly fat at first place but the  fact is it gains/adds more belly fat which is more adverse
Eat healthy foods with conscience beside doing some physical which helps to cut down the belly fat easily than doing the physical all alone

Citrus Fruits

  • As we know very well that Citrus Fruits are god for immune system and best sources of vitamin c .
  • This vitamin c which is not only an antioxidant but acts to control the stress hormone, which triggers the weight gain and fat  deposition, in your body esp in your abdominal region .
  • So when you are feeling a bit stressed think about  your health and eat a Citrus Fruit.


  • Carrots are the sources of a bag of nutrients ,vitamins good fiber,antioxidants.
  • As it have a very less calories it is very beneficiary for weight loss 
  • .t is low in Sodium and fat free.So include carrots to your daily meal and see the change in your belly 

  • They're the ideal snack if you like to nibble.


  • Cinnamon which has the excellent fragrance which helps you to drive away the depression have even the properties to increase the metabolism rate  regulating the level of blood sugar in your body which in turn helps for the fut burn.



  • As fish are very good sources of protein and less in calories and cholesterol they are very good at shedding  belly fat.
  • Fatty fishes like  salmon, mackerel, and sardines contains omega-3 fatty acids which will not only aid in weight loss but will also lower your risk of dementia as well as boost your heart health.
  •  Omega-3 fatty acids  improves your glucose insulin response. This speeds up your metabolism and makes you stay fuller for long.
  •  For optimum results, include fatty fish like sardines and salmon two to three times a week in your diet.

Hot Peppers

  • Hot peppers contain a compound that speeds up the body's metabolism.
  •  Your body has to expend more calories for digesting hot peppers due to the presence of  compound (capsaicin).Hence they are good for cutting belly 

Sweet potatoes

  • Sweet potatoes can help you lose weight is due to their high amount of dietary fiber , a relatively low calorie content and  high amount of water


  • Asparagus is low in sodium and it contains a compound known as asparagine. 
  • Because of this, asparagus works as a diuretic which reduces water retention and bloating. 
  • It also helps in detoxification of the body thereby reducing puffiness.

Water melons

  • As for its name water melons contains a high percentage of water of about 93 % and very less in calories .
  • Due to its rich flavor it can be a substitute to sweets .Because of the air and water content in the fruit you will fell very full 


  • Pulses are the best sources of protein for vegans and good source of fiber that helps you to increase the metabolism rate and stays full for longer time.
  • Even though some pulses like Lentils are high in calories large number of them are low in calories and  does not contain any saturated fats 


  • Dry fruits or nuts  contain mono-saturated fats which are good for digestion and general health of the body, and do not lead to accumulation of fat.
  •  Nuts like almonds, as these are rich in fiber and protein, and can keep you away from other snacks loaded with calories.
  • Almonds contain vegetable protein which makes you feel full for longer periods of time. They contain both vitamin E and monounsaturated fat (MUFA) which are helpful in cutting down bad cholesterol.


  • Berries are one of the favorite and healthiest  snacks   that you can consume to reduce excess fat.
  • All Berries are high in fiber that slows the absorption of sugar and helps you to stay full. They are also rich in vitamins which helps in preventing food cravings.


  • As we have learnt in my earlier post about healthy foods for weight loss Apples  are the best foods for   burning body fat
  •  It also promotes the absorption of water from the food by the body cells. This in turn, helps in the release of fat deposits from the body

Ginger Root

  • Ginger with its distinct aroma and flavor helps to boost your metabolism rate and there by aiding to your weight loss and good for  blood circulation in your body
  •  The best way to incorporate ginger in your diet is to add it to soups and stews.

Break Fast
Oat Meal

  • Take care to select the right food for breakfast. Nothing can beat oatmeal when it comes to a wholesome breakfast, as it digests very slowly, thus making your metabolism take a full run, and makes you feel full for a longer time.

Cottage Cheese:

  • Cottage cheese has whey protein, which releases hormones that tell your brain when you've had enough to eat.

Egg whites:

  • Egg whites are good white portion of an egg instead of the whole egg ,with yellow portion , helps reduce calories, fat and cholesterol


  •  Rich in protein and fiber, low carbohydrate content, and delicious.Include these in at least one meal option daily, substitute these with meats, and see yourself losing that belly fat for good.


  •  Spinach is a high yielding choice for those wishing to lose belly fat, it alleviates hunger, and reduces further calorie intake.

Peanut Butter:

  •  Peanut butter is low in fat content, and are more peanuts are good with this filling.   However, keep in mind don't consume too much , as it  has substantial fat content

Soy Foods:

  • Taking soy supplements may reduce belly fat . Soy protein is a low-fat source of high-quality protein (compared to many other protein sources) that can help you build lean muscle mass   protein  and is low-carb . it also helps you feel full 

 Green Tea :

  • Green tea which comes with a pack of health benefits   also shown to speed up metabolism in preliminary studies, is sometimes touted as a natural remedy for abdominal obesity.

Potassium Rich Foods

  • Potassium is a mineral that is required by your body to regulate its water balance. In addition to this, it boosts metabolism. 
  • Since a fast metabolism is necessary for fast consumption of fat deposits in your body, you should increase the intake of potassium. 
  • Have food rich in potassium on a regular basis. Some examples of potassium rich foods are bananas, milk, oranges.


  • Hummus is high in healthy fat and supplies protein as well. Many dieters are fatphobes, but "a little fat can help you feel satisfied, so you end up eating less overall


  • However, make sure that you snack on plain roasted almonds instead of salted or honey roasted variety as they contain excess salt
  • Citrus fruits when consumed more may lead to bloating
  • Peanut butter contain a high amount of fat beware of it
  • Avoid deep  frying fish or any vegetables in butter or oil which will converse the results
  • Cheese contains a lots of fiber which may lead to irritating bowels
  • Don't consume green tea with an empty stomach it may lead to bloating

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