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November 26, 2012

Bruises,Cuts & Scratches

Every day we meet with  minor bruises cuts or scratches,which may  look minor but sometimes take time to heal .So try these natural remedies and helpers to drive away the soreness and soothe them

* Keep some Apple Cider vinegar in hand which helps to soothe instantly for minor bruises,which may be the result of your little carelessness.This acts like an excellent anti inflammatory .

*If you earned a bruise try to elevate the place where it is present as everything flows down due to gravity try to elevate the part so that it will ease some swelling

*Arnica gel which is a  plant supplement helps to soothe the swelling of bruises as it is also a natural anti inflammatory .It even helps to dilate the capillaries under the skin which allows blood and fluid to move out of the injured areas

*Myrhh a reddish -brown dried tree sap available in health food  stores ,which is a natural antiseptic and known for its blood moving properties that help with healing .Just take 1 teaspoon of myrhh add 4 ounces of water and pour on the wound and let dry before bandaging the wound 

* Try applying tea tree oil for scrapes which is a natural anti septic compound,and has been popular for healing wounds.Dilute some Tea tree oil in a some vegetable oil and apply it to the cuts or scrapes

*Dabbing honey on wounds really helps.Honey contains three main powerful wound healing ingredients: Sugar(which absorbs moisture) ,Hydrogen peroxide (disinfectant) and a nectar based compound to kill bacteria.Additional advantage is that honey after drying can act like a bandage to your wound/cut/scrape
*Give   a sweet  treat to your wound/cut with sugar and iodine(not raw) .take a table spoon of sugar and add iodine to it and apply it to the wound .This helps the wound to heal quickly and even the visibility of scars of your wound

* Add zinc to your food /diet which speeds up the healing/recovery period. Oysters,eggs,meat,sea food, black eyed peas,tofu will contain considerable amount of Zinc

*Garlic and Chive are natural anti septic which helps to reduce the healing time ,try applying mashed clove of garlic or chive on the wound .If this irritates remove and clean the wound

*Use clove /clove powder which is rich in antiseptic compounds which keeps away wound from becoming infected


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