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November 26, 2012

Vada with Ginger pickle, Rice Kheer, Taro root Fry with Rice

After the fasting literally we will not have the strength to cook food so making easy and healthy foods that provide us protein and carbohydrates ,starch  is necessary .In this section you can cook all the foods listed in not more/less than one hour which is very ample of time during fasting 

Vada With Ginger Pickle:

This is very familiar recipe we all cook on almost all festivals.Try  this with Ginger Pickle which makes it more savory and even helps to digest your feast on this fasting. Considering that Vada procedure is well known I will introduce only the Ginger Pickle here

Ginger root chopped 3 tablespoons
Green chilies 6 
Red chilies 5 (depending upon your taste make it either hot /mild and change the measurement of both the chilies)
Mustard Seeds 1/4 tablespoon
Fenu Greek seeds 15
oil 1 teaspoon
Black Gram 2 table spoons
Jaggery 2 tablespoons
Tamarind pulp / soaked tamarind 3 tablespoon (depending upon your taste)
Salt for taste

Cooking Time:

Preparing Time: 5 minutes
Coking Time: 5 minutes


Step 1: Take the tamarind and soak in hot /cold water for 10/15 minutes to make into pulp.You can use the pulp directly if you have in hand 
Step 2: Now take a skillet add oil taken and then the tempering to it,when sputters take into a blender carefully without the oil 
Step 3: Take ginger pieces,green chilies , tempering and blend . Now add salt, jaggery,tamarind pulp and blend again into a smooth paste (You may need  not add water to the pickle )
Step 4: Serve with vada or Idli /dosa

Rice Kheer:

This is a very easy and authentic dish to offer to Goddess Lakshmi during the pooja


Cooked Rice 1 cup
Grated Jaggery  1/2 cup
Sugar 5 table spoons
Elachi powder 1 pinch
Milk 0.5 liters
Ghee 1 table spoon

Cooking Time:

Preparing Time : 15 minutes
Cooking Time : 15 Minutes
Step 1: Take 1 cup of cooked Rice (You can cook rice for dinner and take one cup from it )
Step 2:Take a deep pan add milk and bring it to boil and add sugar and rice to milk and let cook it until it becomes mushy or thickens and softened
Step 3: Now switch off the stove and   grated jaggery ,Cardamon powder and stir until jaggery melts down 
Step 4: Lastly add the ghee on kheer and serve

Taro Root Fry (Arbi/chema) with Rice :

 This is a very easy recipe and people of ages love it .this is even a dish which contains a lots of carbohydrates and starch just like potato but with a different and yummy taste which  helps to fill your empty stomach during fasting

Oil  4 table spoons
Taro Roots  5 medium size
Curry leaves 10
salt for taste
red chili powder for taste
Mustard seeds 1/4 teaspoon

Cooking Time :

Preparing Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time : 10 minutes


Step 1: Take the taro roots, wash  thoroughly,add sufficient amount of water and boil them in a cooker or microwave .This generally takes 8 minutes.Now run cold water on the boiled roots . Peel them and chop into cubes
Step 2: Take a skillet add oil when ready add the tempering 
Step 3: Add the chopped taro to the pan and deep fry them until they get golden brown color . At last add salt and red chili powder and switch off the stove
Step 4: Serve with hot rice

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