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November 20, 2012

Impressive and Innovative Lamp Ideas

As Lights are very important in interior decoration you can make them look a little special and customize them as per your ideas.

Lamp posts as Coat Rack/Tree:

If you have a box like room and especially with lots of stuff and clothes (than the closets) you might need this lamp post.This innovating idea helps you to organize your little space neat and bright at the same time. 

Mosaic Design:

Light up your room especially your bed room with some mosaic  collection.This type patterns glow very bright and even in dull colors but will show different shades which makes it unique. 

Candles and Utensils:

Check this out and try at your dining area where it would be apt for its design
Variety Design:
Go for some abstract or variety design rather than customary and traditional lamps .Check these

Candles Trees:

Use these candle trees near your sofa or at your dining table and add color to your room .You can use them even outdoors to light up your ambiance with a tint of creativity

Antique Patterns:

Antiques are always the glance sealers ,because of their beautiful and different design

Bronze and Gold Four Taper Candle Candelabra

Bronze-Gold and Amber Beaded Votive Candelabra

Crystal Design:

It gives your room the most expensive look as of its rate .So , if you like to try these patterns you can simply customize them with beads and crystals which are available in market depicting your dream design

Crystal Bedroom Lamps

Lamp as a Trash Can:

This might be a little absurd but very innovative and really well organized .I was surprised at my first glance at this idea and then appreciated it ,sure you will also.

Customize Your lamp Shades:

I know how boring are the shades available in market so you can just customize them giving the color and design you like and wish to be on it when you look at it .I have just listed some good design that are  worth trying.

Customize Ceiling Lamp shades:

You can even try with these simple and easy customized ceiling lamp shades  .All you to do is to be a little innovative and creative.

Custom Made Pendant Lighting-Pyramid

Custom Made Cattail lamp

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