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November 29, 2012

Light up Your Party with Floating candles

      Winter season is a  Rocking Party season ,as I am tired of trying all the variety  styles to decorate my house  while throwing a party , I wanted to decorate my house in a different style.To impress my friends I tried out in this very simple way.Simple itself gave an elegant look to the house. All of them are so  impressed with this and started decorating their houses this way .All the decorating items are so simple and are available at home.
                           Creating your own theme is not hard to do.It just depends on the way you arrange. Pebbles,Flowers,Lace,dried stems,plants,fruits,animal toys,crystals,different shaped glasses,Silk poinsettias..all these doesnot cost you much.

      Using floating candles gives a special look.They are popular in adding ambience.Everyone knows how to use this.


          In this post I'm giving  different ideas to make it look much different.By decorating the container using different things gives a classy look.

Here we go.....
             Take a glass bowl with water.Decorate it with rose petals and floating candles. This can be  used  as  a centerpiece.


          These are different shaped containers filled with coloured water.Depending on the colours  used in  the party you can select the colour of the  water.

             If you don't want to spend money then you can try this.This gives a modern look.


        Cock tail glasses can also be used.These can be arranged at different places in a house.

Instead of flower petals you can also use flowers
Best way is to decorate your container with a colored lace

If you have kids,try using toys

Use mirror underneath the bowl so that you will get reflections

Fruits like strawberries,cranberries makes a lovely natural centerpiece.


Instead of glasses you can use glass jars which we use in the kitchen

Adding some pebbles or shells or pearls gives a beach theme.You can also colour the pebbles to match the candles.

Get some crystals from dollar store add   to the bowl.You can use gems also

 Other than this,different shaped ,colored candles are also available in stores which suits your theme.
If you want to arrange your party in a garden then you have leaf shaped candles.

Here are other variety of candles available in stores          



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