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November 14, 2012

My Day 12 Yoga

 A quick solution for the gastric problems..

Pavana Muktasana is a widely practised asana. Easy to execute and helpful for gastric patients.It is precisely the accumulation of `wind` or `air` within the body that leads to dysfunction, degeneration of the tissues, and aging. The severity of such problems leads to gastric ulcer and cancers in stomach. Pavana Mukta asana provides relief to this `gaseous condition`, and is a great healer if practiced regularly. This helps to maintain general health, youthfulness and vitality. 

1.Sleep in a supine position.
2Exhale and inhaling, start raising both the legs 
3Bend both the legs in the knees and keep the folds on the belly. Keep the knees and toes together. 
4Now keep the belly pressed with the thighs and clasp the folded legs with both the hands. 
5.Now bending the neck, raise the head and fix the chin between the knees.
         It is necessary to keep the knees and thighs pressed against the chest and belly in this asana. At the same time the calves should also be pressed against the thighs so that when the hands clasp the legs, the desired pressure can be had on the belly. The proper pressure on the concerned organs of the body gives the desired benefits.

1.Straighten the neck and bring the head on the floor. 
2.Unfold the hands and bring them to their earlier position. 
3.Inhaling, straighten both the leg.
4.Exhaling, slowly bring both the legs down and place them on the floor and take Supine Position. 

 Generally it should be maintained for one minute.

Due to the nice and systematic pressure on the belly, the trapped gases in large intestine are released. This improves the digestion system.

Do's and Dont's:
  • Keep the legs folded in knees and pressed on the abdomen using the folded arms.
  • Try to touch the chin to the knees.
  • Try to keep the legs together.
  • Point the toes.
  • Do not strain your neck. 
Home remedies to cure acidity and gas problems :

  • Amla juice with sugar and water, eating phalsa (a fruit) or yogurt, eating a little jaggery after meals(it prevents acid formation),
  • drinking coconut water or cold milk or soda, eating grated or crushed ginger with coriander or white vinegar, eating banana with sugar and cardamom powder,
  • boiled and roasted potato with meals reduces acidity problem as it consists potassium that restricts acidity,
  • eating carrots, watermelon and cloves, chewing basil(tulsi) leaves, bottle gourd juice, add garlic to food.
What to avoid?
Eating vegetables like radish, onion, tea, spicy, fried, heavy to digest foods, pickles, unripe fruits, smoking, staying hungry for hours, drinking alcohol, junk food.

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