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November 14, 2012

Go Organic For Body Care

Health is the most important and wealthiest assets to mankind.Speaking of health is does not exclude your external health as internal healthy and external body healthy make you a perfect healthy person

We use a lot of cosmetics lotions and all kinds of beauty care products expecting they do good for us , unfortunately not all the chemicals used are good for health .when it comes to your skin  ,which is highly absorbent,  may lead to adverse conditions as  the absorbed chemicals directly go into bloodstream, bypassing the filtering system of the kidneys and liver.

Let me  clarify  you something which is more shocking as there was survey on these products which said
"One in every eight  of the 82,000 chemicals registered for use in the US in personal care products 
contain carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, plasiticizers, degreasers,
 and surfactants..."

Now just wait a minute and think about the suffering of your body and its effects on you.So think wise and shop smart while going for beauty product aisle  this time .

So why neglect your skin while you can still take care of it.

  • As we are well known about the fact of Organic Foods and Organic Products (explained in my last two posts) make sure that your body care is totally organic .As many claim their product to be organic but the fact they aren't .So check the label for chemicals like 
  1. Petrolatum
  2.  Mineral oil
  3.  Paraffin
  4.  BHT(butylated hydroxytoulene)
  5.  Propylene glycol
  6.  Hydroquinone,
  7. Lead acetate
  8. Toluene
  9.  AHA’s(alpha-hydroxy acids)
  10.  Sodium lauryl sulphate

  • Even though you don't purchase a organic product be sure to check the labels for these components which are likely to be toxic 
  • As you know their should be a USDA certification on the  product to confirm its Organic 

  • Be careful while picking up some products which say "natural","unscented","pure".They didn't mention that  it is Organic.You took for consideration

  • Look for products that contain real  plants, herbs, flowers and essential oils. Remember, this matter you a lot as it  will be going on your skin, on your family, on your children and getting absorbed into your bloodstream
  • There are number of body care recipes made at home .I have listed some sites there are plenty of then available take care of your health and so your family's.



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