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December 12, 2012

My Day 20 Yoga

Anantasana:(Sleeping Vishnu Pose)
The name comes from the Sanskrit word Ananta meaning 'without end' or 'the infinite one', derived from the name of the thousand-headed serpent Sesha upon which Vishnu rested at the bottom of the  ocean,  Asana meaning 'posture'.  
1.Lie on your back.
2.Turn to right side.
3.Bend your right arm under your head with fingers towards your chin.
4.Put your legs straight.
5.Bend the left knee, and  hold  left  toe with your left hand.
6. Straighten the left leg toward the ceiling as much as possible.
7. Maintain the balance on the side without rolling.
8.Be in this pose for some time.
9.Repeat the procedure lying on the left side.

 If you cannot straighten your leg with hand you can also tie a strap around your lifted leg and hold with your hand.

1.Stretches the hamstrings and calves.
2.Pelvic  muscles and hip muscles are tone.
3. It increases flexibility in your legs and prevents hernia.
4.This is good for back pain.
5.Arthritis can be cured.
6.It can also reduce mental stress and strain.

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