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December 07, 2012


Obesity  is the most vital  and dangerous problem that is faced by humans .This may be due to inheritance or may be by food habits or due to stress and strained lifestyle .So , keep a check to this obese without some dirty/lean diet  or without medication ,by simple home remedies which are proven  effective and healthy as well  .This may take time but health worth the price of time .

1)Curry leaves, like other green leafy plants, contain iron, fiber and vitamins, including vitamin A and Vitamin B . Curry leaves are extremely high in antioxidants as it belongs to Citrus Family, plant sterols, amino acids, glycosides, proteins and flavanoids. Consume 10-15 curry leaves early in the morning , for 3 months.This will show an effective improvement ,besides it improves the digestive capability which may even one reason for obesity .

2)In take two raw tomatoes daily in early morning with empty stomach ,this is found very effective in treatment for obesity

3)Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and make them  a staple in your diet .Take cabbages,French Beans , Guava, Jack Fruits, Peaches or Apples.You can eat the vegetables raw or just half boil and sprinkle a little salt and pepper for taste and take them.

4)Drink loads of water this flushes away the bad cholesterol and bad fat and provides tons of health benefits besides rescuing from obesity

5) Eating radish daily, along with salad or just cut them and sprinkle with salt and pepper and eat daily , this helps to burn off the bad fat and there  by decreases the flab.

6)Chew a garlic with a spoon of honey every day with empty stomach which even fights the bad fat and makes you clean from inside .

7)Consume cucumber or keera which helps to drain the excess water in body which may decrease your weight by 2 lbs at least.

8)Drinking a glass of spinach juice seasoned with a spoon of lime juice will help you from obesity 

9)An easy tip to reduce your waist size or burn the fat around your waist is to drink a glass of butter milk after the dinner or before you sleep , this buttermilk should not be seasoned even with salt or pepper and should be very light / not thick  concentration , this acts very effectively that you will see the difference in not less than a month.

10) One last and important tip is that go for a detoxifying diet rather than a dirty lean diet ,  at least for a complete  day  in a week , by doing this you will help to reduce your flab and also your bad cholesterol levels  which saves your heart all times . This diet may include to eat fresh and natural produce .

Enjoy by decreasing naturally and effectively by feeling the difference from inside out which makes you lean and healthy.

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