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December 13, 2012

Tan & Pigmentation

Tan is the effect of brutal  summer day's heat and takes time to get back the real complexion .Where as pigmentation is like patch of skin getting dark due to excess production of pigment, melanin,both the cases are harmless but causes discomfort some times .You can eradicate this with natural home remedies .

1)Turmeric ,this spice will regenerate your skin and maintain its elasticity, as well as promoting a stronger immune system.This is 8 times stronger than the Vitamin E & c.This effectively reduces the pigmentation on your face .

2)Take a Potato boil it and mash it ,add a little of almond oil or coconut oil , a little of milk to it and a pinch of turmeric .Make into a paste and apply it to your face as a pack,let it dry then wash it of with cold or lukewarm water.This is very effective for both tan and pigmentation if applied consistently.

3)Make a paste of honey and lemon juice apply the place effected by tan as a pack ,this is proved to be the best anti tanning pack

4)Apply a paste of oatmeal, yogurt, a few drops of lime and tomato juice. Wash this with cold water after half an hour and see the difference.This lifts of the color instantaneously

5)Cucumber and Aloe Vera   are  very effective for  treating pigmentation and even dark circles so apply cucumber on effected skin and leave it 30 minutes and wash it off 

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