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January 15, 2013

Decorate your Coffee Table Like a Pro

Decorating your living space or bed room is not complete without a Coffee table , this small or large centerpiece stands for its name as a center object . We decorate it several ways , take look over this how do the designers design or decorate a coffee table  .

Place a Lantern :

Lighting of candles either a real one or a LED is common in all occasions and even several people do have this habit and a routine way of decorating . If you have a large center or coffee table try lighting a lantern instead of a candle it adds an antique look and even more light when compared to candle alone.
You can give a contemporary look with contrast  color combination with your coffee table or  selecting a lantern with theme oriented designs.


Simple and Natural Elements:

You can opt to decorate in a natural way like placing large wooden bowls or glass bowls filled with pebbles , next to it a candle in a large candle holder . This type of decoration gives a soothing effect to eyes and even creates a natural essence in your space . When you place a magnifying or extra large candle holder it reflects light and makes the table look big .

Decorate with Antique  Designs :

Antique designs are always a glance sealers so why  not use them for decorating a coffee table .There is a advantage of decorating with antique pieces is that they add richness to your space with a wide variety of  selection.

In this picture natural dried oranges are used for decoration along with antique place mat .

You can use this type Kundan decorated Animals  also.......
Not only these decorating items you can use many  antique items like tea sets , telephones,specimens of trains , cars a simple time piece and many ....

Elegance with Simplicity :

Select a rich colored flowers in a transparent vase on a contrasting place mat ,this looks very simple but elegant .

Go for a Glass Top Display  Design:

This gives a luxurious look to your table as well as your room , this is very simple and even less expensive with a grand look . You can display photos , flowers, antiques or pearl shells and so on 

Cover it with a Throw :

Decorative throws can be  arranged on a coffee table  giving it an extra look and matching with the remaining furniture in the room .

Show case your favorite collection:

Show off your collection on your coffee table and steal the show .

Cover it with a Tray : 

This gives a layered look to your table and even eventually decreases the size  of a table and adds color to the table .

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