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January 09, 2013

My Day 23Yoga

Baddha Konasana:(Cobbler's Pose)
This is a seated pose that is also known as the Bound Angle Pose. Baddha Konasana works to open the hips and groin while keeping the spine long.


  • Sit in Dandasana(Discussed in My Day 22 Yoga).
  • Inhale bend your knees and pull your heels toward your pelvis. Let the soles of feet touch together.
  • Press the feet tightly together. Always keep  feet firmly  so that your are strongly  seated.
  • Sit up straight.
  • Keeping spine straight, exhaling slowly lower chest towards the floor.
  • Once you cannot go any farther while keeping spine straight, lower forehead toward the floor.
  • Hold for 5 breaths.
  • Slowly inhaling come to the normal position.
  • Releives pain related to abdominal organs, bladder, kidneys and ovaries. 
  • Very good asana for infertility,asthma and high blood pressure.
  • Improves blood circulation and heart function.
  • Stretch's the inner thighs, knees and the groin.
  • Heals mild depression, fatigue and anxiety.
  • Reduces the pain during  periods.

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