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February 14, 2013

Surprise Your Sweet Heart

Hello My Dear Home Maker....
              Today's  Valentine's day  is special to all irrespective of relations  so, it's  even   time to show your  creativity to your kith and kin. Surprise them with your  own  unique gift ideas and immerse them in your Love.

                  In many occasions finding a  suitable gifts, meeting all requirements is nearly a pain and satisfying with some thing which  you don't like makes you very unhappy.
So, why wasting your time searching for a Gift that does not match with your taste when you can prepare one which can match the situation making you special as always.When you put forth all your requirements and think a little creative you can prepare gifts with less effort and cost effective and as mentioned above, handmade gift  will be cherished for a lifetime.
      Check Out some Gifts We made for this Valentine's Day, hope this will help you to get more ideas that are unique ........  

A Small  Gratitude for Love ( A Trophy)  :

Have you ever  got this idea of presenting your sweet heart  with a trophy, simply the best idea. With this gift you are  showing how impressed are you with them, which makes them float like a balloon , try this and see the effect :)
Here this is made from  thermocol  piece , some food color (red)  , and a card board for letters . Here a rose is attached to the trophy  which cost you only a Dollar .


 Greeting Cards :
As words say it all  ,you can try this type of  gift if you have time, passion and patience 

Here this is a greeting card made from paper plates and color papers , cut into different sized hearts and then arranged one above the other  like a layer , you can try your own mix and match colors but this combo is more glance sealing , you can express all your thoughts in your own words  over  each layers .

If you can get beads or pearls or stones just stick them to give an extra luxurious look to your card of Love .



This card is personalized by using some new cards bought from store . Here a chart and some white papers  is used to prepare this card . You can add a flower or some glitters  or sparkling red paint according to your taste .....

Flower Vase:

As we have discussed in our previous posts about cooking with love is even one of the best gifts . Presenting your cooked food is even very important .Try this arrangement  on your dining area especially if you cook more and your dining area is small......

Here these flowers are made of paper napkin and a dried flower is added  and mounted on a shot glass, again you can get different  colored shot  glasses from dollar store which doesn't cost you much.


A Flower Bouquet :  
Roses are a must in Valentine's Day Gift , presenting real flowers is really outstanding , but presenting a rose bouquet that can never dry is something different.

Here these roses are made using Coffee filters and painted with  Red food Color , arranged them in a Wine glass  filled with chocolates and stones .(See our previous post   Spread Love On This Valentines Day)


Hope this post and these ideas helps you a lot making you more creative and more innovative in your presentation .

Once again     Happy Valentine's Day 



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