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March 08, 2014

Happy Women's Day

   " The Hand that Rocks the Cradle,  Rocks the World..."
                                                                                 - Swami Ram Charan

"Woman"  is a very simple word  , yet proves to have a  deeper meaning describing  "Life " in it . There is no life , no completeness , no beauty , no elate , no strength & even no glory  without women .

There may be a number of  sayings or quotes trying to contribute what a  woman  is ???but none describes her completely , there are no words that can describe her utterly as she plays many number of vibrant roles in our lives. 

Her patience , her love, her endurance , her intelligence , her adaptability , her optimism, her strength, her hope, her respect , her support , her passion and many  more make us - The Mankind. Just imagine a World without women in it !!!!!!!!!  

She takes birth like every other being and grows up with lot more faith in her as well as her surroundings.  She learns at every stage in her life making her more  balancing , adorable & tough .

Currently we spot Women in all fields indulging themselves contributing a vast competence to Men , giving her more exposure . Women are like  oceans letting everything into them yet maintain the same glory & peace .

She balances her work life and personal life with a single hand with an amazing performance proving out her ability and stamina . She dresses herself in dignity and kindness.

This feeling of celebrating   " What is a Woman " is endless but everything .

  She  deserves great gratuity and love from all of us not only this particular day but every other day in her life ...................  for  being  a  Dad's Little Sweet Princess, Husband's Loving  Wife and Children's  Adorable Mother ,  & making our lives nurture by filling them with nectar.  

So be proud for being a Woman . Bring out all your talents and prove to this world that you are a " Woman= Life ".

Celebrating this  joy of 103 years  
 Happy Woman's Day
                                                                                                                         Ur's ,                                                                                                                               
                                                                                                          Mrs. Homemaker 

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