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May 29, 2013

Palak Roti/Spinach Indian Flat Bread

     Set your taste buds with this tasty Indian flat bread.
2 Cups-Wheat Flour
Salt to taste
2tbsp-vegetable oil
1/2Cup- Spinach juice
1tsp-Cumin Powder
1/2tsp-Pepper Powder

Cooking Time & Calories:
Preparation Time:20min
Cooking Time:10min

Step 1: In a large bowl mix wheat flour, oil, salt and pepper.
Step 2:Knead the dough with little water and spinach juice until it forms a soft dough.


Step 3:Divide into small balls.
Step 4:Take 1 ball at a time, press it in dry flour on both sides and roll it into a circle.
Step 5:Heat the pan at low flame.
Step 6: Place the rotis over the pan. Butter the roti and fry them on both sides.
Step 7:When roti changes color then flip it to the other side.                                                                    Step 8:Serve hot with your favorite curry.


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  • If the roti sticks to the surface then dust it with flour.
  • For puffy rotis store the dough in refrigerator for half an hour.
  • Rotis can be kept for 2 days in refrigerator.

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