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March 08, 2014

Choco Chips (Cereal ) Heart Shape Tarts

Mmmmmmm divine is the first word when I gave this tart  for a taste to my guests .
The mild sweetness of  milk  chat pata of pepper powder and aroma of coffee makes you crave for more  .
I have tasted ginger cookie tarts. So , I thought of mashing up the recipe with some simple and available ingredients at home , and suddenly this  idea sparked .
Usually tarts will be topped with jam or whipped cream or chocolate according to taste  (being aware of calories ) I haven't used any.

A 10 minute recipe that every one should try. Your kids will love it. You can serve this as a special treat on this valentine's day..........

Choco Chips 1 bowl
Instant Coffee Powder 1 teaspoon
Tuti fruti 4 to 5  table spoons
Pepper Powder 1/4 teaspoon or pepper corn 9 to 10 in number
Grated Almonds 1 table spoon 
Condensed Milk  4 to 5 table spoons
Cherry for garnish
(If you don't have condensed milk
You can use banana  (in perspective of health) , but be careful as its taste  is too  dominating )

Cooking time & Calories:
Preparation Time : 10 minutes
Chilling Time : 30 minutes to 40 minutes
Calories: 120 per tart

Step 1: Mash up the choco chips (finely or coarsely according to your taste) in a stomper &pestle  .

Step 2:Now add instant coffee powder tuti fruti  ,grated almonds and condensed milk and make it into a dough.

Step 3: Take a plate and arrange the dough in your favorite shape with your hand or  using a cookie cutter ( I made a heart shaped tart )

Step 4: Refrigerate it for 30 minutes to 40 minutes depending upon your quantity.

Step 5:  Before serving dust icing sugar or dry coconut powder or chocolate powder (dark) or garnish with a cherry .

  •  If you don't have choco chips (cereal ) at home use granola bars or oreo cookies or any milk biscuit , each one have their own taste .
  • You can  add almonds (grated ) or cashews or pistachios for extra taste
  • Don't end up adding too much milk as you need a dough more tight otherwise it breaks when touched

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