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February 12, 2014

Get A Luxurious Look with Quilling ...........

Quilling is a very inexpensive easy art which does not need any expertise . The only thing you need is  a creative mind , quilling paper and glue which pops out a beautiful photo frame or a wall art or a hand bag or wallet or greeting card and many more , so just mend your creativity to decorate your home.
Quilling or Paper filigree is a art which involves strips of paper which are rolled to form different shapes and are glued together to create a decorative  figurine . The paper is wound around a quill to get a basic coil shape , then the paper is glued at one tip to make it firm , and glued together to form many creative decorative items .
This art has a very age old history which started in 18th century in Europe where homemakers used this art to spend their  leisure hours , later this was even used by nuns and monks to form a religious forms to make a  cover or decorate  their preaching books.
The paper most commonly used was strips of paper trimmed from the gilded edges of books. These gilded paper strips were then rolled to create the quilled shapes.

Select a simple pattern at first if you are a beginner and practice it to get expertise like select some pattern from

 Free quilling patterns  (Click for free Patterns)

Free Quilling templates: (Clickfor freeTemplates)

Some  sample quilling patterns include :
(These images are from the given above link click to get more exiting designs )

Some very basic quilling shapes :

You can understand the art more clearly with these simple and clear video demonstrations :

 Basic Shapes Intro:


Basic shapes: 


Basic Shapes :

 Making of a Quilled  Flower :

Making of  fringed pattern  :

Making of a Fringed White Flowers in Heart Shape:

Making of  a Layered daisy .......

Making of Roses:

There are many more patterns and designs where you can learn how to expertise the art and become more creative . 

Quilling paper is available on the consumer market in over 250 colors and dimensions
Acid-Free Quilling paper:
As the name clearly indicates this is a paper that is completely acid free. The quality makes it an outstanding choice for making scrapbooks, rubber stamping, and creating frames for pictures. It assures your project will last a lifetime, without any side effects on the framed picture or album.
Graduated Quilling Papers:
This type of paper provides you an exceptional look to your decorative quilling projects. On the edges, you will have a solid, concrete color but gradually, it will fade to white. It is the nature of the quilling ring, that, when using a graduated paper, it begins with a dark shade but ends up being faded to a lighter side. On the contrary, some graduated papers begin as white, or a lighter shade, and then slowly fades into a solid, darker color.
Two-Tone Quilling Papers:
This is another important type of quilling paper. It is quite similar to the graduated quilling paper in its use. The look consists of a concrete color on one side and comparatively lighter color on the other side. Although, with two-tone paper, the color remains same, however, the intensity of color is different. The main use of this quilling paper is to provide a desired level of softness to the quilled subject. It possesses the capacity to quill many papers in a single spiral.

You can try using magazine papers even for a abstract look 

Try some Theme Related Designs:

As this is Thanks Giving And Christmas season enjoy decorating your house  with theme related quilling patterns   which  makes your holiday more relishing .



 Enjoy Quilling

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