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February 25, 2014

Pot Painting

Painting is an amazing hobby which relishes your world of creativity . I have attended  some pottery classes where I have learnt how to make ceramic pots and how to make them a center piece with  paint or sticker added for extra glance sealing .

Any one who really are good at imagination and creativity can prepare this item at home with a little basic knowledge .

You can buy any clay pot or a ceramic pot available at stores and can start experimenting on it  with your own designs .

I have used  one  large paint brush ,some acrylic  paints and a sticker  to make this unique piece of decoration.

 I have used black color to paint the ceramic pot and blended the edges with rustic gold color which pops out some metallic look  and a antique at the same time to the pot and attached a sticker at the center and colored the  rim ( made  with ceramic) and painted with rustic gold color

I also painted some star like pattern with the gold paint as a touch up .

You can play around the colors , patterns and contrasts .You can get a plain vase from market and get the thing done .

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