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March 30, 2014

Bread Croutons Without Oven / On Frying Pan

Croutons add texture and taste to soups and salads . Making them at home is even very simple , inexpensive  and healthy. Made from fresh wheat bread and spiced with Italian herbs make these  freshly baked croutons perfect with crisp texture, taste & with a good shelf life which are handy at any time you need them .(Mine didn't last  at least for an hour , everybody loved them .)

All you need ::


Whole wheat bread slices  8 to 10
Butter / olive Oil  4 table spoons

Dry Spices (garlic, oregano, basil, pepper, parsley, garlic , red chilli ,thyme I  mixed all of them   ) 2 large table spoon

  • Cut the bread slices into small cubes of your desired size.

  • Heat a non stick pan such that  butter melts  simmer the flame and  , add butter/ olive oil and spread it all through the pan surface.

  •   Now sprinkle in dried spices all through and place & gently press the bread crumbs on the spice mixture so, that they get coated with spices.
  • Let them roast for about 5 minutes.  Now turn them to other side .
  • Sprinkle in some butter and spices again and roast them .
  • Store them in a air tight container and use when ever needed

  • You can even add onion powder or garlic powder according to your taste .
  • These taste perfect just like a branded  croutons you buy in market .
  • You can mix all the dry ingredients and dab them on bread instead of sprinkling them on pan for more strong taste .